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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Download A Free Learning Contract Template to Build Accountability for Training

I often see people attend training and they don't know why. Managers or HR send their people to training without communicating reasons and expectations. As a result, many participants attend the training as form of compliance or following instructions. If we are to maximize benefits from training, we have to change this. Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Introduce a learning contract to help managers and learners have something specific to discuss before sending them to training. Ensure that the manager has a clear understanding of what the training is all about before deciding to send participants. If it is possible to invite the trainer for a presentation so that all their questions may be answered, do it. Have them discuss learning objectives, application of learning, monitoring, and follow through.  Please see a template I developed that you can use for this.
  2. Advertise the training. I'm assuming that the reason you decided to run a training is because there is a need. Talk about how the training will address the need. Build the desire not only from the Managers but more importantly, the learners.
  3. Train your managers for coaching, monitoring and follow through. Some managers hesitate to discuss performance expectations because they don't know how. If you need help on this, call exeQserve at 8933199
  4. Monitor the learning contracts. Ensure that the managers and their learners are having their conversations. Introduce the tool to the trainers to provide ample time for reflection and writing of learning action plan. Collect completed forms and allocate time for group gathering for a follow through and discuss of their own learning.
Training is a big investment, it is just right to ensure that everyone is accountable for ensuring its success.

Call ExeQserve if you want help implementing a learning contract for you organization.

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