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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Building Your Recruitment Strategy

Great talents are hard to come by. Many companies are realizing how hard it is to lose good talents, That’s why they make an effort to hold on to them.  Those who fail to realize this, lose good people to competition.  Attracting and hiring the right people is not only hard because they are rare, it is hard because many organizations do not have a good recruitment strategy.  Specially for smaller organizations, recruitment seems to be trivialized that they end up hiring people who fail to deliver or contribute to their objectives.  I believe that organizations should start looking at building a good recruitment strategy and here are a few suggested starting points.

Cast a Wider Net
A lot of the desirable talents are gainfully and or happily employed somewhere.  You seldom find a combination of good and available talent. It helps to have a good sourcing strategy that go beyond the traditional job boards. It’s time to use technology, social media and all other creative means to find the talent you are looking for.  Partner with a good outsourced recruitment company who can serve your needs. (Disclosure: ExeQserve offers recruitment services.)

 Develop a Customized Screening Process
For many organizations, the screening process seems to be one-size-fits-all. It’s time to look at competency-based recruitment. Identify the competencies for the positions you are filling and look for tools that will help you assess job fit and competency match. Have people learn behavior-based interviewing to determine if the person possesses the needed competencies. And most importantly, don’t scrimp on background investigation cost. It helps to do it, especially for delicate jobs.

Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Nothing will put all your sourcing and screening strategy to waste than having an unattractive organization. Be wary of your reputation, how current employees feel about their experience in the organization, and how they foresee themselves in the future. When people can’t imagine working longer than a year for your organization, you know, you got your work cut out for you. Aside from compensation (fixed and variable) people, especially the young ones are interested in the organizational culture. They want a place where they can be happy and successful.  How does your organization come across? Start asking people, start learning and start changing. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the Tips to Build the Recruitment Strategy.It is crucial as Recruitment is the Primary task of an HR.

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