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Friday, October 31, 2014

An Open Letter to My ExeQserve Team on Your Awesomeness

Yes, this is one blog post I require you guys to read.

First of all, let me express my gratitude for all your effort to make our little Halloween party an epic one! It's amazing what you did with a meager budget of P5,000.00 to create an incredibly fun program that will put all other big budgeted parties to shame. What is even more amazing is the level of effort you gave to engage yourselves, participate and try to win some of the awesome competitions you prepared for this event. You inspire me,  and you inspire me to write this blog to express my own learning from this recent experience so that you may consider them as we go back to normal work programming.

Let me point out some of the awesome things you did that revealed how passionate, focused and determined you are about doing well and winning.

Miguel, you are amazing! You led the team with a vision of putting together a great program. Your own passion for creativity and visual flare was evident in the outcome. The delegation of tasks, the demonstration of individual initiatives to pitch in shows that you have more leadership chops than you acknowledge.

April, Wil, Pam, Tin, Jessa and Mon. You are incredible team players. I was watching how you guys juggled the daily demands of work and contributing to this fun project. I watched you share inputs, argue about the decor, how much to spend for food, etc. You worked together and challenge each other. Bravo! If that's not teamwork, I don't know what to call it!

Lenlen, PJ, Abi, Wil, Glyco, April, Yhna, Pam and Mon. I applaud you for showing up in the program and show us what you are made of. Your costumes are awesome, well thought of and painstakingly made. I'm happy and amused to watch you worry about how to make your costumes stand out. Abi, I'm not surprised anymore that you wore an awesome costume. After three years of doing this, I know you always bring your best game to this event. PJ, congratulations! Even if Cholo was here, he would have a formidable opponent in you. April, and all of you who competed in the lipsynch battle, you amaze me and made me laugh. I have never laughed that hard since I saw Blended by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. (Wait, that was last week!) You make me feel embarrassed for being less prepared. I clearly underestimated your talent and willingness to go crazy for a win! What I really want to point out here is that you weren't just complying by buying ready-made costumes like some loser namely me (ehem). You brought your best game. You went the extra mile, no, ten extra miles! I mean, Boysen paint for make-up? Hello! Running along Ayala avenue while in costume to win the scavenger hunt challenge? Double hello! When you spied that someone else is making a really cool costume or material for the battle, you changed yours.  You did not settle for anything less than your best. This is how to be passionate. This is how to be determined. This is how to be competitive.If you bring that kind of passion to work everyday, we're going to kick a lot of  assess! All of you guys, did really well here. I want whatever you did to be the model for the hundreds of new ExeQserve Employees to come as we build our empire and conquer the world.

Ours is an awesome team. We've already succeeded in kicking some really big assess. Let's kick some more by working together better as the great team that we are using the creativity, resourcefulness and competitiveness that you showed in this event. I can't wait to see what's going to happen in December! :) On to more awesomeness!

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