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Saturday, September 20, 2014

HRD Has No Role to Play in the ASEAN Integration and Your Company Will Not be Affected

Of course, the title is not true. But looking at how a lot of companies are taking everything in a stride sure feels like it is true.

I mean how openly does the Management team in your organization discuss the impact of the oncoming ASEAN Integration to your industry or your business? Have you thought about the opportunities and threats  posed by this and how you can capitalize on your strengths and address your weaknesses so you can take advantage of it?
PMAP Past President and current SOF President Ric Abadesco shares some information on the role of Learning and Development Professionals in the ASEAN Integration.
The ASEAN integration will address the three pillars of the union namely; political security, socio-cultural and economy. The economic pillar will focus on more liberalized trade and investment among member countries. Which means potential entry of new players in our country, companies from our country having opportunities to expand to other member countries and easier migration of needed talent to man expansion. If you look closely into what I just said here, you’ll see that your continuing success will depend a lot on how you manage your company’s way through this integration. Put your HR Head hat and see how your whole HR operation should brace for this eventuality.

Recruitment – The war on talent that is going on now will only intensify as more players will come in to start or expand operations. It is happening in the banking industry with bank expansions going on now, it will happen to many other industries including yours. What is your strategy?
Employee Engagement – How do you keep your talent a midst attractive new opportunities elsewhere? How deeply engaged are they or are they just waiting for the next opportunity train to arrive? If your engagement strategy is to match compensation with competition you’ll be off to a very expensive fight. You may have to look at how your company’s managers create an engaging environment. What is your strategy?

Compensation and Benefits – All of a sudden, we will be competing in a more global stage. What kind of strategies should you put in place that will motivate your employees to continue contributing without breaking the bank?

Succession – In the event that you lose your key talents to competition, how ready are your next-in-line people to step up? How equipped are they? Do you even have a way of knowing? What kind of system should you put in place so that people are bulking up on the needed competency to assume bigger role in case of attrition and internal movement? Also, please note that we are not just talking of attrition here. If you grab the opportunity of global expansion, you will need more managers and other talents to keep the standard of performance high. What is your strategy?

Human Resource Development – This is an important linking key to all these. How robust is your Human Resource Development Strategy is so that:
  • Your organization is able to attract and retain people who want to work in a company that helps them grow.
  •  Equip managers and leaders so they can lead more effectively, coach and mentor employees who have high potential for succession and create an engaging work environment.
  •  Sustain organizational competitiveness in terms of performance and competitiveness in talent retention.
But can the barber cut  his own hair? I mean, can you, HR or Learning and Development Professional of your own company facilitate the development and implementation of a strategy that will help your organization become the hero of this integration rather than fall victim to it? How are you preparing yourself for this? What are you doing so you can play that important strategic partner role that the company’s leader will listen to? I this is too important a question not to have an answer to.

In a recently concluded Philippine Society for Training and Development Tipanan, participants were asked about what they need to do to prepare for the integration. Hear what they have to say.

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