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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Five Reasons Why I’m Going for Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) Certification and You Should Too

 I’m going for it this year and I am inviting you to go through it with me.

I copy-pasted this part from the Philippine Society for Training and Development (PSTD)

"The Certification for Workplace and Learning Performance (WLP) Professional is the Philippine Society for Training and Development’s (PSTD’s) initiative to upgrade, professionalize and regulate the practice of WLP in the Philippines by assessing and classifying WLP practitioners according to proficiency levels using the twelve WLP competencies as standard.
There are three levels of certification, I will be aiming for becoming a Fellow.

To qualify as an Associate in WLP, the practitioner should have a Level 1 Proficiency level for technical and personal competencies. There is no required managerial competency at the Associate Level.

To qualify as a Diplomate in WLP, the practitioner should have a Level 2 Proficiency level for technical, personal and managerial competencies.

To qualify as a Fellow in WLP, the practitioner should have a Level 3 Proficiency level for technical, personal and managerial competencies."

Click the link to know more about the WLP Competencies.

Here are my five reasons:

1. Because I believe I will pass
Imagine that you and I are a couple 10-year olds
Me: see that fence (points at WLP Certification)
You: wow, that's  a tall one!
Me: I can jump over it!
You: Prove it!
 And here I am posing to jump over that wall.

What some of you probably already know is that I've been jumping over that wall long before it was fashionable. I've been demonstrating the WLP competencies as an L&D practitioner in the different roles I played. I am fairly confident that I will pass this one. 

I encourage you to look at the competencies and decide where you are now, get certified for it or decide where you want to be and build the necessary competencies to achieve competency at that level. Use this to embark in a personal professional development journey.

2. Because I’m a leader who models the way 
When I accepted the role of being a PSTD trustee, I accepted a role of leadership.  The WLP certification is a PSTD advocacy for raising the bar of the L&D practice. I believe it is irresponsible to invite people to seek certification if the leaders are not willing to take the same route themselves! Am I right or am I right?  Let me make a call to action here. If you are a leader in this field and you share my appreciation for the purpose and concept of WLP certification, take this certification with me.

3. Because I want to guarantee my clients that they are getting  one of the best 
The WLP certification is a seal of approval that what I do is aligned with a best practice as laid out by a professional organization like PSTD.  A friend asked "doesn't it reek of elitism? Doesn't it promote an elitist mindset among the few at the expense of many?" If by being elite you mean being among a few L&D  professionals  who demonstrate the needed competency beyond classroom training delivery, if being elite means being able to offer strategies and form partnership with organizational stakeholders to make learning stick and manage learning until it creates an impact in the organization, then yes, I want to be elite.

4. Because you and I need to be credible activists 
You might say, “But Ed, you are training consultant, there is obviously a marketing value to your being WLP certified. I'm an employed L&D Manager , I don't need to market myself in my organization like you do. Hold that thought.  A WLP certification enhances your credibility in the organization. As L&D practitioners, we need to be credible activists regardless of whether we are consultants or full time employees.  Passing the certification means we studied and applied what we learned. We are not just coming from a whim but from a solid framework that we have already applied.

5. Because learning and development does not begin and end in the classroom 
There is a nagging question that badly needs an affirmative answer and an even more affirmative action. That question is, is there a need to improve strategies and practice for learning and development in the Philippines? YES, there is a need to change how organizations view it! YES, There is a need for organizations to change the way they facilitate learning and development! We need a framework! We need a method! We need to demonstrate the needed competency for leading change as learning and development  professionals! We need to sell the idea that it is not enough to trap people inside a classroom to make them learn! We need to be able to communicate in a language that our business managers understand! 

Do we need the WLP certification to be able to do all these?  Do you need a witness to confirm that you can jump over that fence? Probably not, but your stakeholders need it more than they realize they do. They need to know that the person they are hiring to take charge of people development has demonstrated competencies for doing it, that they should listen to you and accept you as a strategic partner worthy of your seat in the strategy table.  I believe I need it and I believe you do  too!

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