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Monday, July 07, 2014

Developing Your Recruiter Competencies

"A wrong hire cannot be corrected by training." You've probably heard of this before. You've also probably read in many articles and books about how expensive a wrong hire is. The funny thing is very few companies invest in fortifying their recruitment strategy or equipping their recruitment professionals with skills that will make them the company's key strategists for hiring the right people.

Now that the competition for talent is getting tougher, there is a need for professionals to be fully equipped. They also need to acquire the needed voice for management to listen to in terms of adopting strategies and methods for sourcing and screening. They just cannot be order takers anymore.  Right now there is a dearth of recruitment professionals who can perform at strategic partner level. This means that if you can develop the right set of competencies, you can  be a gem of a recruitment professional. What are those competencies? In this post, I will write about Strategic Thinking.

 Recruiters need to look beyond getting internal customers to fill up personnel request forms, post vacancies, wait and do routine screening. In short they can't afford to just be transactional. They need to think out of the box and lead the organization towards  becoming magnets for the right kinds of talents.  A strategic thinking recruiter makes an effort to understand the requirements of his/her internal clients and cooks up a strategy for delivering the right candidates on time. This means moving resources and collaborating with hiring decision makers to ensure that there is no pitfall or bottle neck in each touchpoint. This means that he or she is able to adopt methods to:

  • Ensure that data gathered for understanding client requirement is sufficient.
  • Provide the necessary feedback to client and level expectations on feasibility of expectations and budget for the position
  • Sourcing strategy is so customized as to find the right kinds of talents
  • Screening methodology including tests, manner of interviewing and other forms of checks are in place and sufficient to determine fit.

And since we are talking about strategic thinking, a good recruitment professional is capable of coming up with a recruitment strategic plan. This means that he or she is capable of:

  • Doing a decent scan of the recruitment environment for the organization, its industry and competitors for people to understand the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats AKA SWOT.
  • Developing strategic objectives aimed at moving organizational resources to cast a wide enough net, attract good candidates,  screen like a boss, and when the company offers the job, the candidates will accept.
  • Develop initiatives and action plans that involve not just HR or Recruitment but those who make hiring decisions.
  • Establish metrics that measure  recruitment success and pinpoint areas for improvement.

On the next posts, I will cover the following competencies:

-organizational savvy
- resourcefulness
- networking
- Technical proficiency in recruitment which includes sourcing, screening and on-boarding.
 Do you have any suggestion on additional recruiter competencies? Please share in the comment section.

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