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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Basic Supervisory Skills and High Performance Leadership Training in Manila, Philippines

Disclosure: I am writing this article to market my upcoming public learning workshops; Basic Supervisory Skills Development Program  (June 18 and 19, 2014) and High Performance Leadership Workshop July 16 and 17.

I invite you to send participants to this training not for the reason that the topics are exactly what your supervisors and managers need to lead, although, that’s true. I invite you to take advantage of this because the method we are using in ensuring learning is tops.

I’m not a fan of lectures.  I believe in experiential learning; hence these programs are full of them. We present frameworks and concepts, let the participants go through exercises, we help them draw meaning from their experiences through careful processing , make learning decisions and prepare action plans to bring learning back in the workplace.

As we all know, learning requires a change of behavior and this requires decision. Our programs don’t just fill your learners with knowledge, as we know, it’s not enough. We facilitate learning decision making so that when they return to work, they have clear action plans about the changes they need to make. 

Wait, there’s more! We also extend our help by offering additional information about the program to the participants’ stakeholders if the company or the learners’ supervisors wish to know more about how they can help them or follow through on their learning. Ask us and we will do it.

See our program outlines below or call us at 8933199 for more information and registration.

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