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Thursday, June 06, 2013

How Can We Help our Employees Succeed at Work?

I did a quick look at the latest Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics survey and found that almost half of the workforce belong to the 15-24 and  and 25-34 age group which is  a little more than 17M  (My math is not to be trusted though). My entire team excluding me belong to that age group. I'm sure a lot of yours are the same. If you notice what I have noticed, you will likely agree with me that many of them are clueless about how to succeed at work and still a good number of them are not even thinking about succeeding at all!

This shouldn't come as a surprise because with all the education and training they got, only a few of them were trained to succeed in the workplace. There are of course those who at a very young professional age, show not only technical but also intra and interpersonal competence. They are outliers. They are perhaps a good benchmark on how to grow your kids but that's for another blog post. Let's talk about those who enter the workplace with hangover from college. What do we often see? It is hard to describe it  without turning this post into a rant-fest so let's not talk about it. Let me be more constructive by pointing out what I think is needed. I think a developmental intervention is needed. One that they probably didn't get in school or at home.

What do they need to learn? I think they first need to understand themselves, what they bring to the workplace and what they can do with what they have  so they can achieve their personal career goals. If they don't have career goals yet, maybe the intervention should also help them make that necessary decision. It is hard to be successful without knowing what success looks like.

From self-awareness they need to move to self-control or a better term may be self mastery. It's funny kind of sad how one's lack of ability to manage one's emotion can lead to performance-debilitating mindsets that also lead to sour relationships. Just look at how much people gripe about their work and workmates in twitter or facebook. That's a byproduct of poor self-mastery.

Lastly, employees need to learn that "company" means a collection of people with common purpose. The people they see at work are people they need to work with not against. They are people they need to build a healthy, cooperative relationship with and not pick fights with. Learning to succeed with others means working effectively with your boss, your peers, your subordinates and your customers. That means, enhancing one's communication and cooperation skills. We can look back at our formal education and see that there were so many opportunities to learn this but most of us missed them because they were not "processed". We were put in groups to make learning a particular task more convenient and leaders were assigned so coordination is easier but nobody talked about how cooperation and leadership applied in those school projects can pretty much apply in the world of work.

I developed a program for this and it's new. I put together pieces of programs I have conducted before to make what I believe is a primordial soup of a training that will help employees become successful in the workplace. I'm looking for a company who wants to try it and I'm offering it at VERY LOW PRICE. Let me know if you are interested to discuss that with me.

Please the course outline below

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