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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Leadership Lessons from Barney the Purple Dinosaur

When you are a father to two toddlers aged 2 and 3, you are treated to (should I say assaulted) an endless barrage of Barney, Blue's Clues and Elmo videos. That my friends, is the case with me. I have seen those Barney videos so many times, I have already memorized some of the songs and lines!  Speaking of lines, I've reached a point when I stopped just hearing them and started really listening to what message that silly purple dinosaur is conveying and that's what I wish to share with you today.

As we grow old we tend to forget about the simple in favor of the complex. This is sad because the simple lessons are so fundamental that complex concepts won't work if we forget these simple yet fundamental concepts:

Say Please and Thank You

Leadership success is achieved when a leader is able to rally the people towards a common cause. People get engaged to a cause and the tasks at hand when they see and feel the value of their contribution. To say please is to show respect for the person and to say thank you is to value his effort. These truly are the magic words for building a strong relationship and for getting your team engaged.

Just Imagine

I believe that leadership is a role that involves painting a desired future and making it real. that requires... yes, imagination. Just imagine, just imagine all the things that we could be  imagine all the places we could go and see. Imagination's fun for you and me.  When we were younger, all we can do was pretend.  Now that we are older and taking on leadership roles, we need to summon our power to make the things we imagine a reality.

Clean Up, Do our share

Kouzes and Posner say that Modeling the way is one important leadership practice. When leaders fail to do their share, they fail to model the way. When they fail to model the way, they fail to lead. When we assume leadership we need to put the responsibility ahead of the entitlements in order ensure that we are able to do our share. Clean up?

Everybody Needs A Nap
Need I say more?

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