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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Leadership Confidence

Recently I met a client whose team building challenge looked and sound pretty familiar:

Leader is unable to unite the team, there's blaming and bickering, trust is low and the company is not getting the full work potential of the team.  It sounds like I described every other team in the world didn't I?

I've seen the repercussion of lack of teamwork in my many ventures. I also humbly submit that, yes, even in my own team. Often, I look to the leader of the team for clue on why these things happen (yes to myself too) and  often, I see the leader lacking in leadership.
I fully subscribe to what John Maxwell said that everything rises and falls on leadership. But does this mean that a leader must be this omnipotent,omniscient-like being who can predict all problems and solve them with ease, I don't think so. As much as that is impossible, that is also not the answer. I believe that a leader in order to be effective, he needs to recognize that he is not capable of everything and so he must rely on the ability of his team in order to achieve organizational, hence, leadership success.

I think this requires recognition, of both our strengths and weaknesses. We need to capitalize on that strength without losing sight of the fact that someone else can be stronger and therefore as leaders we must pave the way for them to help us. We also need to recognize our weakness so that we can seek help from those whom we know can be of help.

People trust leaders who are wise enough to solicit ideas from others and recognize a better idea when they are presented to him. Why, because people will know they have a thinking leader and one who thinks of the team before his ego, thinks of the team more than for the team.  You know what I'm saying?

We sometimes deceive ourselves into thinking that we are good enough as  leaders when we can't even make heads or tails of it. Yes, we sometimes don't even know when we are leading or managing.

I believe that leadership success requires confidence. Confidence inspite of our imperfections and also because of it. We need to see ourselves as glasses meaning to become full through the help of others and our desires to enrich our knowledge for the sake of others and a better future.

Let's get together on November 22 and 23 so we can explore this topic of leadership some more.  

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