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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If I were the CEO of all companies, I will put people as my primary interest and have all the HR managers report directly to me.

I will invest considerable time learning about things related to HR and discuss these with my managers leaving the impression that employee alignment and engagement goes at the very top of my list of strategies for organizational success.

Some years ago, I facilitated a team culture building program for one global company. The country director was very involved in the process shared this realization when he talked to the management team during the monitoring and evaluation session. He said that they spend large amount of time looking at numbers and business strategies while they ignore the fact that people  cannot be trusted to deliver the expected results, are not effectively communicating and are disengaged. He further realized the importance of working with people to build this sense of community that make them take a sense of ownership of the organization and hence its goals.

I believe that CEOs who mean it when they say people are their company's most important assets make it their personal business to work with all the organizational leaders on building employee engagement strategies.

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