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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Again, HR is Not a Thankless Job!

It isn't, and if people are not thanking you, you're not doing your job right. Yes, with your best effort and all, you are not doing it right.

If you are in this situation where people complain rather appreciate your service, you need to start some soul searching and sing "tell me where did I go wrong." Let me point out some areas where you can possible.make improvements:

Stop acting like the company's school principal
I have nothing against school principals but there is a reason why they are in the primary and secondary schools. Clarify your role on discipline as well as those of the other managers, justify the need for all of you to play your roles right, otherwise, you will be spending a frustrating amount of time policing people and still not be good at it. This is where rumors of favoritism come from.

Make your processes efficient
You are in the business of supporting operation. If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed, you will not be able to function effectively. I  suggest reviewing, streamlining and improving your processes to meet your customers' expectations. Maybe sitting down to discuss these things with them is a good idea.  They could have suggestions you can use to improve your process.

Level expectations
HR has the most KRA and often the least manned department in the company. Even when you have your processes optimized, you can't possibly deliver on demand and while they wait ( have you had that experience when an employee requests for an employment certificate and then stand behind you while you type into your computer?). Establish and explain service process, cycles and standards. Make only promises you can keep.

Make your contributions visible
We in HR, often deal with people individually.  This is why when we prevent a person from resigning, when we address the issues between an employee and her manager, or when an employee made a positive change because of a training we provided, we are seldom congratulated. The credit often goes to the employees themselves. I encourage creating a scorecard identifying areas where you as HR manager or contributor makes impact and make this score visible to your boss if not the rest of the company. Show them how well you are responding to their recruitment needs. Evaluate training programs down to application level, ask employees to evaluate your service after each fulfilled request and make it part  of your performance dashboard.

Be clear about the role you play in the organization as strategic partner, change leader, admin expert and employee champion. Build your competency around this area and deliver visible contributions. If you are doing a good job, you'll be surprised at the amount of thanks you'll get!

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