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Monday, July 16, 2012

What is Hindering Recruitment?

Hiring is everything. It is crucial that  those responsible for hiring are able get people on board on time to avoid lost opportunities or undue stress for those who are forced to fill the gap when the needed talent is  not found soon enough.

The recruitment department often fails to deliver and recruiters often found themselves on  the receiving end of blame. They are blamed for not bringing in enough qualified candidates and within the time required. I'd blame recruitment too,  but not for their inability to respond quickly to the needs of their internal customers but for their failure to lead recruitment or guide their stakeholders effectively.

In many organizations in the Philippines, Recruitment Departments facilitate recruitment, they don't lead it. They are not needs fulfillers, they are task doers and order takers. Pretty big accusations, right? Let me prove my point by asking several questions. If you or your recruitment department says no to any of this, then there are so much you can still do to improve recruitment practices in your company?  Here goes...

Does your head of recruitment have a voice in your company when it comes to anything involving other managers on  recruitment efforts? Do managers get valuable information about how to best practice recruitment in your company? Do managers recognize the urgency and importance of their role in the recruitment process? Do they define their human resource needs accurately? Do they screen candidates competently? Do they make hiring decisions with both care and urgency?  Are they equipped to do all these? I mean are they trained?  Do you have other strategies for sourcing other than the old post-and-wait routine? Are you utilizing out-of-the-box tactics for recruitment to attract people and get them to explore your company?

Many hiring decision makers do not fully appreciate the current realities of recruitment and are ill-equipped to respond effectively. The fact that a lot of them don't listen, no, let me correct that, hear much from Recruitment, makes them respond less effectively to their role in the recruitment process. As a result, the recruitment process for many companies, even the really big ones are painfully slow. Let me clarify, I mean slow, not long.  I personally don't mind long processes as long as they are justified. The slow process is due mainly to a lot of guessing, poor sourcing, poorly done screening and interview schedules and decisions that take forever to make. On many occasions, good candidates are let go, offers are made too late because the best candidate has already accepted another offer.

Ok, I'm done ranting, here are my suggestions. If you are in charge of recruitment? Be a leader, if you are looking for a recruiter, find someone capable of leading, of thinking strategically and of communicating effectively to all stakeholders.

Recruitment is vital. Failure to recruit the right person and in the right time is costly. The person who leads this effort must demonstrate LEADERSHIP, think strategically  and must have a voice in the organization.

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