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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Trainers' Training by Ed and Pat

Pat Pascua and I are facilitating a once-a-week, four session training that will start on June 27 and I invite everyone who are starting a career in Training or those who are aspiring to be trainers to attend.  I am writing this blog to further explain some of the reasons why you should join this training that the marketing material may not be able to explain.

1. I am teaming up with Pat Pascua, a seasoned training professional and Toastmaster who has considerable training experience behind her that she will be sharing in this training. My training experience is nothing compared to this fine lady! We are team-training here. We're sharing the stage. You'll have two facilitators working with you all the time!

2. Here's what we intend to do; you come in with a training idea, you come out with complete training design. That is, of course, if you are as committed as we need you to be in engaging yourself in this learning experience.

3. You come in once a week so you have time to work on your assignments. Yes, there's homework! After day one, you will be asked to apply what you learned by coming up with a design, after day two, you'll have two assignments; one is to start working on your lesson plan and the other one is a five-minute presentation to help us assess your platform skills. On the last day, you will be expected to present a completed training program design, with lesson plan, presentation materials, etc.

4. We are adopting a show-tell-let-do, let-do-strategy to make sure that you are not just knowing but applying what we are sharing.

5. We are also covering workplace learning of performance or WLP because this is an important role trainers must play in their organization and we'll be remiss not to include some of the strategies we know on how you can help your learners become accountable for applying their learning in the workplace.

Download the course outline and registration form below if you want to enroll. If you have questions, call me.

ExeQserve Trainers Training Registration

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