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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Dream Training Project

To my regular readers, I apologize for shamelessly advertising my public seminars lately. I do hope that my advertorials also helped you in some way appreciate the roles you play as leader, HR practitioner or any professional in charge of delivering results. I'd like to do another one now and I hope you would read on just to find out what I have in mind.

I'm running the Manager's Toolbox Training with two other seasoned training professionals, Boom San Agustin and Eric Monte. This program is a product of a long time of thinking how ExeQserve can make a difference and add value to learners who purchase a seat in our training programs, so you can say that this is a dream training project. I wanted the learners to come from the program, not only inspired or motivated but have something practical to take home and use when they go back to work. I don't think a lot of public seminars do that anymore. I see a lot of people take the stage and get away with being funny and have something witty to say. As a result, participants go home entertained and not much more.

My goal for this program is a lot more than that. I want my learners to go home with a full realization that they need to build their teams, that there is a way for proper planning, that there is a method for dealing with different types of leadership situations and that there are specific ways to instill positive discipline in the workplace and there are ways to do these things. My goal is to let the participants take home a starter kit of tools that they can work with and improve on until it becomes more useful in their pursuit of management and leadership success. Again, my favorite metaphor, this program is a bicycle training wheel that will allow them to take their new found learning for a spin. When they get used to doing what they need to be doing, they can remove the training will and make their own improvisations.

Towards the end of the program, we will ask the participants to embark on a challenge of applying what they learned by starting some leadership and management projects and join a network of learners who are willing to exchange information about their experiences and learning so that learning goes on even after the program.

My co-trainers are the same ones I invite to run our No-Frills Training because I believe they share this desire to truly equip learners with the needed tools for the job. This program is No-Frills Training, only bigger and more comprehensive. Join us on June 19 to 20. Invite others too! Manager's Toolbox Workshop

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