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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why All HR Professionals Should Learn Job Analysis

Job Analysis, I believe is one of the basic skills all HR generalists must have. There's just too much HR related work connected to it that cannot be done effectively and efficiently without doing a proper job analysis. For example:

Job Description Writing
a poorly written job description also communicates job expectations poorly. This means wrong premise for hiring, training and performance management. Job analysis helps the JD writer all the job dimensions and decribe the properly.

A  properly done job analysis helps us determine not just the tasks undertaken by an incumbent but also the needed skills/competencies needed to succeed in the job. The information gathered from job analysis can help recruiters search for the right talents or screen candidates against known standards

Training Needs Analysis
Job analysis can lead to TNA where learning managers can look for gaps between what the job demands and what the incumbents can offer. The identified gaps are information needed by those in training to design an intervention.

Performance Management
a properly done job analysis disects a job by key result areas, establishes the time spent for each, the expected results and the needed competencies to carry out the job effectively. These are all expectations that are best communicated via a performance management system.

Compensation Strategy
The information you gather from job analysis, can be used for job evaluation and then for coming up with a salary structure and a compensation strategy. The activity can help you determine the relative worth of a job as compared to other jobs. It can help you in considering internal equity when planning your compensation program.

If you carry out the task of doing a job analysis and  use the information to align your HR activities, you will be able to communicate expectations clearly, thoroughly and consistently from hiring to training, to managing employee performance. Designing or acquiring tools that get you the information you need is crucial to making all these happen.

It is unfortunate that not a lot of HR professionals are able to do this. It is fortunate, however, that ExeQserve offer a No Frills Training on this. If you are an HR Manager, I strongly recommend that you send all your staff to this training and let them do this activity to align or realign your HR Activities in the Work Place.

Job Analysis Workshop - No Frills Training from ExeQserve


  1. Thanks a lot for teaching about this analysis.

    Sample Analysis

  2. Great article. Thanks for sharing this.. Job analysis is the cornerstone of HRM practice because it provides valid information about jobs that is used to hire and promote people, establish wages, determine training needs, and make other important HRM decisions..


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