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Monday, March 05, 2012

Vision, Mission and Values Alignment

I've been doing this a lot lately and have also learned a lot from it. Let me tell you how I do it and what I learned in the process.

First thing is to understand the company's VMV and then work with management on a desired outcome.

I prefer managers cascading... well, not just cascading but being personally responsible for their groups alignment. This is important because it makes a world of difference versus making it the sole responsibility of HR to, well, cascade.

In order to ensure managers are equipped, they need to go through a workshop that helps them appreciate and learn the following:
  1. The mutuality of Company and employee symbiosis.
  2. The factors that contribute to alignment and commitment
  3. Understanding the concept of values
  4. Acknowledging their own values and determining if they themselves are aligned with the organization's values(this is an important "go-no-go" step in the process)
  5. Develop a strategy for communicating  the company values in the context their direct reports will understand and appreciate (not in generalities that we in HR usually communicate them)
  6. Clarify the concept of mission
  7. Understand the company's mission statement and how it is being operationalized.
  8. Coming up with strategies to demonstrate more consistency with the company's mission.
  9. Understand the concept of vision
  10. Appreciate the company's vision statement and create a road map for pursuing it.
  11. Come up with an Action Plan not only for cascading but for living by the company's core philosophies.
What I learned is that this process should start from the very top and then move level by level, downwards.

I read from the book "Human Sigma" that all cultures are local. The managers and supervisors create that culture. Whether advertently or inadvertently, they create that culture. If you want organization-wide alignment, you need organizational leaders from the top the frontline to speak the same organizational language, and have fully bought in, mind, heart and spirit on the organization's purpose and desired culture.

Please let me know if you need my help.

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