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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Can Your Recruitment Staff Headhunt?

We all know good talents are hard to come by these days. You post an ad in the papers and in the Internet and then you get a lot of practically useless resumes and close to no one is good enough for the job. Is there really no available talents out there? There are great talents out there. The best of them are gainfully and happily employed and may not even be looking at  news papers or online job boards for opportunities. It takes a deliberate and creative effort to find them and takes a little bit more to reel them in.

Are you wondering why your recruiters go back to you empty-handed? Maybe this answers your question; if all they do is advertise, chances are they won't find what you want them to find.

As a manager of a company that does a lot of headhunting, I've interviewed recruitment specialists from various organizations and this is what I've come to figure. Most of them are trained to post vacancies and screen candidates, not to source and much less attract good candidates by pitching or selling the company's employer brand.

Nowadays when companies are battling to attract and retain candidates, isn't important for your recruitment frontliners to hunt good candidates and be capable of reeling them in? I believe it is.

I am running a half-day learning session on this topic on February 16. And for 1,500 (plus VAT) I will share some headhunting secrets with the participants. I invite you to invest that amount for your recruitment staff to learn some new tactics in sourcing and getting candidates to explore. I believe any beginner in the recruitment practice and those who feel they are stuck in the old ways of hiring will benefit from this learning session.

Here's a disclaimer - inviting candidates and getting them to explore your company is one thing, getting them to sign up is another. It is dependent on the employer value you are offering which should be part of your elaborate employer branding strategy. Let me talk about that next time. :)

Check out the details of that seminar below:

Headhunting 101 - February

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