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Monday, December 26, 2011

ExeQserve Launches No Frills Training

I'm interrupting regular blog programming to share with you some information about the training product we are launching at ExeQserve.

We are formally launching No Frills Training in February and the first three workshops are; Job Interviewing, Handling Disciplinary issues and Headhunting 101. We will add more titles as we develop new courses that follow the program pattern. I'd like to share with you the thoughts behind this plan, my motivation and why I think this idea works most for the learners.

Here are a number of realities that we in the business of running public seminars must contend with:
  • People's learning habits are changing. The over abundance of information is causing us to have shorter memory and attention span. Accommodating  information in our head is too much of a burden so we tend to intentionally forget them because we know they can be accessed again through various means. 
  • There are other ways to learn. You probably notice that you are engaging Google, Wikipedia and YouTube for your learning needs more often now. The new members of the workforce and the ones who will join us in the future will be so accustomed to it they will have less use for traditional training approaches to learn new things. There are various materials that can be downloaded from the Internet. In fact, with some materials, enough courage and a little  "googling," you can build your own home-made rocket. For more than a dozen times, I looked at YouTube to learn how to cook certain dishes. The only problem with self-paced learning methods like this is that they don't have features that tell you if you are doing it right. A good training program that teaches skills should be able to do that for you.
  • Not everything is useful. Many trainers tell participants that attending a seminar is like going to a buffet with lots of food offered on the table. You get what you want and what you need and you consume them. you leave out those thing you don't need. Well, apparently, Buffet is not the best metaphor for public seminars, They're more like plated dinners with dishes served one by one. If you don't like what is being served now, you'll have to wait for the next round. It's a waste of your time and that of the resource person. What if you paid for the whole course but you are really just interested in one particular dish? 
These inspired me to come up with the concept that will offer training programs that are so focused,  they answer questions you typically type in your Google searches like, "how to write a job description," or "how to give constructive feedback to employees with performance issues," or "how to write a business plan." No Frills Training will not give you a buffet or a lengthy string of plated options. Our facilitators will offer you a tool and strive towards helping you learn how to use it. This is where No Frills Training is better than YouTube. When you attend our programs, you will have coaches who will allow you to try out the skill and give you feedback that will help you develop the confidence in applying it when you return to the workplace.

As I have mentioned in the video, No Frills training will give you:

  • Exactly the skill you want to learn, no beating around the bush, no wasting of your time
  • Soft copies of tools and templates that you can use immediately after the session.
  • A working knowledge of how to do it, not just appreciation of the concept

Am I saying that No Frills Training is now the only way to go and that there is no more use for standard training approaches? My answer is a big fat NO. No Frills Training is a hot dog or a shawarma stand or any of those food stands that offer one product each as compared to standard training that can be compared to full service restaurants.  There are programs that cannot fit the No Frills Model. How do you, for example train people how to conduct effective presentations in four hours? You can't! That's why ExeQserve will continue to offer regular training programs but in-house and as public training programs.

Please see a partial list of our February program below and watch out for more training programs coming out of our No Frills Training Program.

No Frills Training for February

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