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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do Your Managers Know How to Interview Candidates?

If you are in charge of or a participant in the recruitment process, you know very well this is an important question.

A lot of recruitment efforts go to waste because Managers take their part in the process for granted. They don't prepare for interviews, don't know which questions to ask and don't know what to make of candidates' responses to their questions. A lot of managers go by their gut feel when deciding who to hire. While I continue to believe that instinct should have considerable weight in hiring decision making, it should not be the sole basis for it. A lot of expensive hiring mistakes are made when managers fail to account for the necessary competencies when making hiring decisions.

As I have mentioned in my previous post,  hiring is everything. A wrong hire is difficult if not impossible to correct with training and did I also mention expensive?  If you agree with me on this, you must also agree that managers need to learn how to conduct better job interviews. There has to be a deliberate effort for them to find out what kind of preparations are needed so that people involved in the hiring process know what they are looking for. They need to know how to prepare for a screening process. They need understand all those reports you as a recruitment/HR person (if you are this person) are preparing to aid them in interviewing and sorting out candidates.They need to learn how to formulate questions that will help determine if these candidates have what it takes to succeed in the job. They need learn all these things whether by reading a book or attending a training. By whatever means they need to recognize the importance of opening the organization's gates only to those who have the best chance of succeeding in it.

HR as a strategic partner needs to look at the manner by which managers choose their people and see where they can improve. This idea is easy to sell. Just analyze the effectiveness of your hiring mechanism in choosing people for the job in terms of the new employees' ability to succeed or fail in the job and you will be able to easily see if your selection process needs improving. A failure to hire is caused by poor recruitment strategy, a failure to hire the right person, I believe is a failure to establish an effective screening mechanism where interviewing is an important part thereof.

I invite you to send your managers to ExeQserve's No Frills Training Workshop November 13  about Effective Interviewing Techniques. Let me know if you have questions about this program and I will be more than happy to address them for you. In the mean time, please check the workshop details below.

Basic Interviewing Skills Workshop - Nov 13

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