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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Internal Corporate Social Responsibility - Charity Begins at Home

I sat down in one lecture on CSR where I gained some insights on best practices in the Philippines and abroad. What caught my fancy is the idea of doing it internally. This makes a lot of sense to me because I too believe that charity should begin at "home". I learned that so much can be done to initiate an internal CSR and it starts with paying the right taxes, giving what your employees are due them in terms of compensation and benefits which I believe is a moral obligation as much as a legal one. There are a number of things too that we can do that go beyond the basics and give back to the country/society by starting with our very own employees. Here are some ideas.

When I was with SPI Technologies, I got an educational loan that I used to enroll in a web design course in Informatics. It helped me in marketing my freelance consulting services  after my stint with the company.  Without my former employers knowledge, they were able to contribute in preparing a future entrepeneur and employer get started in the business. Others who took similar loans got a shot in fulfilling their life goals and that company made it happen. I will forever be thankful to my former employer for that act of kindness.

Here's another idea, if you have employees whose spouses just stay at home and often experience some financial problems because there is only one income earner in the family,  how about providing livelihood training for these spouses and facilitate the establishment of a livelihood coop for them? You can go further by providing some seed money for this project. There is so much benefit to having a successful program like this. Employees won't have to worry as much about money so they can concentrate on doing work and by doing this, you enhance your relationship with your employees.

If you are ready to earmark some money for charitable contribution, why not start with the children of the poorest of your employees? Need I say more?

Lastly, I believe that any serious focus on people development is one big social contribution. We are a country of millions of unemployed and underemployed people because they don't have the ability to fill some desirable but hard-to-fill positions. Companies that establish themselves as training grounds for future contributors to the Country's productivity and economy get my most heartfelt admiration. Most companies just want to buy highly skilled talents often jacking up the market rate of these people, while other companies take the painstaking route of hiring green horns and shaping them into the professionals that they need to be. If all companies do this, we will have enough capable people to go around and churn our economic machinery.

Oh, by the way, I heard ( I have not confirmed this) that CSR expenses can earn you some tax credits. I wonder if investing in people's training will earn you the same. Somebody in the know, please enlighten us on this.


  1. Great post Ed. I hope more company CEOs are reading you today.


  2. If only CEO's could read this post. Thank you so much.

  3. If only more CEO's had your frame of mind.

  4. Very good post. Can I share this on my leadership blog as well? Thanks!


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