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Monday, August 30, 2010

Communication Skills, Initiative and Critical Thinking

While I was listening to the presentation of Penny Bongato, HR Head of Logica Philippines in the recently concluded HR Philippines Convention, I confirmed an observation that has been nagging me for years. A research initiated by People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) recently found that many young people, specially those who just graduated from college lack these competencies; initiative; communication skills; and critical thinking. These are three very important skills that are necessary for professional and organizational success.

See PMAP's  YouTube campaign on the subject:

There are of course more competencies needed in the job but I must agree that these are all basic. Since this is truly the case with our young workforce, I recommend that we do something about it. If we are to hope for a better future for Filipinos, we need to address the competency gaps of the youth. After all, Dr. Jose Rizal did say that the youth is the hope of our nation.

This post is my call to action for our government and the private sector. Let us put together some concrete actions to address these needs. I also call on my fellow training professionals to see how we can incorporate addressing any or all of these skills in our programs. I strongly believe that we can fill these gaps. These competencies are highly learn-able.  However, we need to be more deliberate in our efforts beginning from basic education to the inclusion of appropriate programs in companies' human resource development programs.

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