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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management and Why Psychology Doesn't Cut it Anymore.

I was interviewing prospective on-the-job trainees in the past week and what I observed, led me to post this blog. Most of the applicants were taking up BS or AB Psychology. I asked all of the applicants this question. Why look for an OJT in HR or in an HR company like ours? The answers struck me and made me realize that if HR practice is to blossom fully in the Philippines, we need to take it more seriously in an academic sense and start encouraging universities/colleges to develop a curriculum that is tailor fitted for human resource management and/or development.

Going back to my question, the applicants told me they want to see how the psychological concepts and theories are applied in the industrial settings. I reflected on the answer and asked my self how much psychology is needed to work in or run a human resources department? The answer I got is this; the psychology needed in order to work in or run a human resource department is just as much as the psychology needed to work in or run any department or organization. This is not to say that Psychology is unimportant to Human Resource Management. I believe it is important in any field of management. I've been looking at prospectuses these last few days and I find very little opportunity for management students to study human and organizational behavior. Human and Organizational Behavior! Those are  the most complex things to manage in this world and there's little opportunity to learn it!

Well aside from the psychology of it, there a few more things that prospective human resource practitioners need to learn that are not or hardly being taught in their course. If they are to hit the ground running when they land a job in the corporate world, they need to know a thing or two about recruitment, about compensation and benefits management, about training, about employee or industrial relation, they need to understand better the concepts of business management. They need to understand government regulations that impact on human resource management. They need to learn how to write policies. They need to learn how to apply the labor code. They need to know the transactional as well as the strategic side of human resource management.

If human resource management in this country is to progress, I believe we should take it more seriously and put together programs to get people who want to enter the practice some decent preparation. I call on colleges to follow the lead of those who develop their BS in Human Resource Management Curriculum. With a solid program that teaches students to really learn how to manage the companies' human resources.


  1. I agree with you Sir Ed, in fact it has always been the issue for most courses in college. Some colleges have hired faculties with little or no industry experiences because of the high cost of hiring industry practitioners. Even though these professors are all beefed up with so many degrees even doctorate degree but it all goes down to the application part (the higher order learning). Real practicioner can't be hired full time because of the tight schedule and the policy of CHED on faculty loading. Another thing is the industry-academe tie up, seldom we see either of them reach out and work on solid curriculum for a particular course.

  2. Anonymous10:50 PM

    It is the first time that I’ve read a blog like this, frankly a friend of mine ask me what is the difference of HR to Psychology from that time I answer her like this “well HRM (Human Resource Management) is more specific course in college rather than yours”. But I know in myself that I don’t know much the exact answer to her question. In my opinion all courses in college are all BEST, it depends only to the person who practice and apply what she learn.


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