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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Off Topic: Vote for Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando

To my regular readers, I apologize for digressing from my regular topics. I just feel that this is one of those few situations when I have to break my own rule to pave the way for something that is of utmost importance. This is a one time post. I'll resume discussing HR and Leadership topics in my next post.

On May 10, 2010 we will choose our next leaders. I do not claim to be an expert in politics but at the rate the campaigning is going, it looks like we're going to have more of the same. The most winnable candidates give us a choice between corrupt and incompetent. Those however, are not the only choices we have. We need to look beyond candidates' perceived popularity in order to make a wise decision.

Gordon and Fernando were not my first choice, not because I don't believe in their ability to lead the country but because in my mind, they are among those with the least chance of winning. I asked friends about their preferences and they always come up with another candidate as first choice and then Gordon and Bayani as second. They say that if Gordon and Bayani were more popular, choosing them would have been easier. I was of the same mindset, until I lost patience in the tandem I originally chose. I do not question their integrity but I waited too long for them to show some intelligent plans for the future. Unfortunately all I got were requests to wear yellow shirts and weird TV commercials. I needed to see their platforms because there was no past performance to hang on to. With Gordon and Bayani, a plan is a bonus. I only have to look at their past performance to know that they can deliver the goods. As we say in HR, past behaviors are the best predictors of future performance. It dawned on me that they are the best choice for the presidency. They are not the most popular choice at this time but I'm thinking that if people can realize that we need more than popularity to get this country moving towards the right direction, people can make better decisions. I'm hoping that leaders and managers who read this blog, who agree with me can influence others to rethink their choices. Gordon and Bayani need all the help they can get. They are the real underdogs in this campaign who should be at the top. Let them be the dark horses who will win in the end and deliver to us the kind of leadership and management that we need as a nation.

Transformers is the most apt monicker for them because both Gordon and Fernando transforms for the better everything they touch. It's true of Gordon with Olongapo, SBMA, Dept of Tourism and the Senate. It's true of Fernando with Marikina and MMDA. None of the other candidates can boast of the same. None!

Don't be fooled by sweet talking, eloquent and emotion-laden rhetorics of the other candidates. Smart talking doesn't always translate to action. Some candidates are following the same corrupt strategy of the current administration. To vote for them is to have another six years of the same corrupt regime. The others are well meaning but incompetent. We need integrity plus competence. That's the kind of qualities I see in Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando.
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If you are still looking for an intelligent basis for voting, go to this site:


  1. we have the same view and we always wish that in our own little way we could help others realize too na sino dapat iboto nila. Output oriented kasi si Mr. Gordon at dun ako napabelieve sa kanya. Marami din sa amin dito na di ko sukat akalain na for sir Gordon din sila...

  2. nice blog post. mind me sharing this in my facebook account?

    You are so right, I am also surrounded by those who are saying the same: "i want to vote for I know they're the best choice, but having to consider their chance in winning, I might go to the other pair". Sad but the way things are going, they really aren't in the topmost/the most famous position. Hope people can have the same mindset as ours. its about time we honor ourselves with the right leader. again, kudos to this post ;)

  3. Anonymous6:32 PM

    brilliant! :)

  4. I was thinking of the same thing this morning. After Noynoy's declaration last year I was almost certain that I would vote for him if only for a bit of assurance that he wouldn't be as shameless as the current President because he has the Aquino name to protect. I was just thinking then that I would give him the benefit of the doubt as regards his ability to lead the country. But at the rate that he is going it appears that he really has nothing to offer. It was alright at first for him to use his parents, but at this time he should have been proving himself and what he can do. I have heard his answers and speeches and they were all motherhood statements -- all too familiar battle cry. He doesn't have anything concrete to offer.

    Gordon doesn't even have to prove himself, he has done it already and what I liked most about his campaign is that it enjoins everyone's participation and action to have a better Philippines. He doesn't promise that he is the answer to our problems. He will just lead the transformation of our country. I do believe that this is what we need, a leader who will lead us to act, to be responsible citizens and not just dependent people.

  5. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Don't worry guys, I consider myself as "MASA", but i know Gordon and Bayani, are the best among the candidates. Just we need to help them and ensure our votes.

  6. Anonymous10:04 PM

    If you haven't done so yet, please:

    1. Visit their website:

    2. Follow them on Facebook:
    Gordon-Bayani 2010

    3. Volunteer - Facebook Group:

    Thank you! :)

  7. Anonymous10:27 PM

    I really do hope we win this battle.

  8. I am glad that there are still a lot of people who thinks and feels this way. There is HOPE yet for our country. REAL HOPE. Spread the word please...

  9. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Nice case for the Gordon-Bayani team. I'm also rooting for them. It's just ironic that Villar's advertisement is right up there, hovering over your post.

  10. It's weird indeed. I keep on removing that ad and it keeps coming back :(

  11. Same here Ed. For me, my peg for officials are those who can do a Lee Kuan Yew / Singapore for the Philippines. Our country needs discipline and political will and I think they are the only candidates who can do that. They are men of action and conviction, and are unafraid of objection.

  12. Anonymous11:25 AM

    These candidates no longer need to advertise themselves... their profitable contributions and great accomplishments for the country has already showed off what they're really capable of... and we can rely on that. Under their leadership.. we can be assured we are in good hands... I hope for the best.. God Save this Country

  13. Anonymous5:23 AM

    as with so many people i've talked to, we share everybody's sentiments here about Gordon/Bayani being the best choice. And that's what's interesting to note: i use the superlative EVERYBODY because i have yet to encounter ANYBODY with an INTELLIGENT argument why these two should NOT win the elections; all the other candidates have their own skeletons both exposed and categorically denied; but NONE for these two that would hinder their credibility and capability to get the job done.

    Seeing how people are still swayed by surveys showing popularity or a candidate's chances of winning, i believe we now have a tool that the traditional politician has yet to TRULY account for: The Internet. Surveys can be manipulated to show specific results or create specific impressions; very little can be done to contest these numbers. However, word of mouth traveling at the speed of thought through the internet can help level the playing field; help people with the right convictions see what the surveys do not tell, and help spread the message to those without the means to see and hear what the rest of the world is saying through the internet.

    STICK WITH YOUR PRINCIPLES. VOTE FOR WHO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE SHOULD WIN, REGARDLESS OF SURVEY OR POPULARITY. I honestly believe that we are all intelligent enough to make the right choice; what needs to happen is to arm the people with the truth.

  14. Gordon and Bayani are credible and able leaders. No doubt they are indeed deserving of such positions that they aspire for.

    Now for simplicity's sake, let's speculate that andidates BILLAR & BOYBOY are top two, and LORDON is third. (Sorry Geebo)

    If we vote for Lordon (he's my second choice, now becoming 1st),
    it's like indirectly supporting Billar because of divided vote.

    Now I'm really having doubts about that "Billar" candidate -- with all his money. I'd rather stick with 'Boyboy" since I trust his heart and background.


    Think. We need an UNIFIED VOTE -- and it all comes down to the top 2 that matters. Support one of two, (Because one will surely win) and your vote will have more weight.

    I believe that the problem we need to solve is corruption. Corruption more than anything else.

    For that, we need a candidate with a pure heart, to pave the way.

    Let's pray that we will have an honest, efficient and credible elections (once and for all). God bless our country.

    Sana manalo ang totoong mabuti para sa Pilipinas.

  15. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I agree... winning the position often based on popularity alone..Too sad it became a trend in our country...Only a few people can decide wisely...
    I tend to compare the candidates and I ONLY have Gordon and Bayani in mind for these positions..

    Its only the transformers who can boast their previous performance and the only tandem who set their platforms and plans for our nation...

    We need leaders who have executive powers and were able to prove themselves... credible and has a heart for the nation

    May God bless us and this nation...


  16. Anonymous8:59 PM

    I agree, they have accomplishments to boast off.. That's they they are needed LOCALLY! It is a waste to see them take on a national office without the support of a majority. They are two independent thinkers who do not care what other people think as long as they know that they are doing the doing the right thing. It would be a very controversial malacanang if they win

  17. zzero7:58 AM

    I agree with bertwilpc..

    I really hope you could see that.


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