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Friday, March 12, 2010


These recent environmental catastrophes that are happening in the Philippines and the world are awful warnings of the worsening impact of human apathy towards the environment. The only way for the onslaught of devastation to slow down, stop and then turn around is for all of us to pitch in and initiate conservation. Thinking about it, I realize that we, Human Resource Management practitioners can do a lot considering the amount of influence we have in the organizations we work in.

We can launch a green campaign that will not only save the environment but will also help the company save on cost. With management's permission, we can form a green committee that will look at how we can change the way we work so we can save energy, cost and contribute to environmental conservation. Off the bat, here are some of the things I would like your green committee to consider the following:

  • Start with responsible use of electricity by turning off lights and office machines when not in use. Benchmark your before and after electricity utilization and see how much you can save. If you think your savings is substantial, you can just imagine how much the entire country will be saving if all organizations refrain from wasteful practices.
  • Work with as little paper as possible. HR tend to use more papers than other departments and can find some convincing justification for it. Challenge that thinking by asking ourselves, what can we do to reduce our use of paper substantially? How about using emails or electronic files to document and process, leaves and other requests? How about not printing those CVs? I'm sure we will suffer some inconvenience but that is so minor compared to the number of trees we can save by collectively decreasing the demand for paper.
  • Launch a recycling campaign and turn some of your recyclable waste into extra income that you can use to fund some minor (maybe even major) employee events. Have employee groups champion this, I'm sure they will appreciate it.
  • Incentivize energy and cost savings. Benchmark your current utilization cost and then measure savings increment on a regular basis. divide the savings when you feel it is already substantial so some of it goes back to the employees in the form of cash or non-cash incentives.
  • Launch a company-wide green campaign as a corporate social responsibility so that employees can start practicing conservation activities in their homes. You can be really creative here. Come up with a recognition program that will motivate employees to participate. Involve the media if you can.
  • Make tree planting a part of your company's annual activity. Maybe you can even design a team building event using this theme... Hmmm :)

This as far as this bus ride will take me. I'm sure you can come up with ideas of your own or are already practicing some of what I'm saying here. Please share them with me. Send pictures too and I will gladly feature your company in this space.

I am starting this movement in ExeQserve. I enjoin you to start yours in your own company. If we can get as many HR Management professionals to heed the call, we might make a difference in this country and contribute to environmental conservations.

Let's go green, fellows!


  1. Indeed a good article. HR can enable any organization for any movement, starting from CSR to Employee Satisfaction fully align with organization's goal. Thanks for the write-up. Keep posting :)

  2. Hello

    I saw these types of changes in some companies. I think sometimes these types of changes will change company's atmosphere.

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