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Friday, March 05, 2010

The Challenge of Creating a Culture that Fosters Creativity

This is more than just a blog post, this is an inquiry.

What does your company do to encourage employees to be creative?

Creativity brings forth a lot of benefits to the organization, it saves you money, enhances productivity, improves customer service, speeds things up and improves quality of worklife. However, in order for creativity to flourish, a nurturing environment is necessary. And there lies the challenge. Managers don't always know where to start and how. Your ideas and experience will surely benefit a lot of readers of this blog.

Please share your own story or ideas on how you set up a work environment that serves as hatching ground of creative and innovative ideas in the comment section below.


  1. Creating an environment where employees feel their contributions are appreciated and valued certainly encourages creativity. A culture of openness also encourages the free exchange of ideas. Also an atmosphere of fun and play at work doesn't hurt as well.

    Some practical ideas we used to do at the company I worked for:
    -frequent 1-on-1s and team meetings with staff: at least once a week. sometimes with no set agenda other than sharing of ideas and experiences.
    -for large or distributed teams--use of tools such as Intranets or collaboration tools where employees can freely post ideas, feedback, suggestions, criticisms--without fear of censure and with top management actually taking the time to respond
    --follow through from top management of really good ideas--no matter where they came from or what level the employee who suggested it
    --breaking down silos among different teams, actively encouraging collaboration
    --openness to new ideas not only within the organization but outside of it--management encourages staff to join conferences, trade shows, networking events with industry peers

  2. Thanks, @webwonker! I must agree that everything you said contributes to creating a culture of creativity. I feel compelled to share some of the practices we have at ExeQserve I learned that creativity is fueled by"knowledge. In order for people to be more creative, they have to broaden their knowledge. A cost effective way of doing this is holding regular learning sessions on topics that are related to our field. This helps our team members acquire new knowledge to build their ideas upon.

  3. Gerry Plana sent this to me via email -
    For purposes of creating a work environment that nurtures innovative behavior, you can consider introducing best practices in people management from the International Quality Standard for People Management called Investors in People being deployed by PMAP (People Management Association of the Philippines) Using the International Standard means systematically introducing a more integrated approach for people management that brings out the best in people. Since this is a standard, you can achieve certification as an institution and/or certification for your people managers so that you can be sure that your greatest asset is being managed properly. If you are interested to know more about it call Ms Reyah Masalunga of PMAP, she is coordinating these activities and you might want to consider attending a two day workshop on April 7 and 8. These public workshops are only delivered twice a year, most workshops are delivered in-house. Investors in People Standard is getting to be a must know subject for HR professionals desiring to be strategic business partners and for people managers who need to use a more systematic approach in unleashing the creative potentials of people. Fr: Gerry Plana

  4. I don't agree in implementing 'Best Practices' but I believe in 'Best Fit'. It's because what may work for the other companies may not necessarily work for us.


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