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Sunday, December 13, 2009

HR Associations in the Philippines

"A group needs only two things to be a tribe:a shared interest and a way to communicate." - Seth Godin in his book "Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us"

If this is how tribes are defined then I know of a number tribes in the Philippines who have shared interest in HR management and development. If you are an HR practitioner in the Philippines or a Manager who is interested to communicate with like-minded professionals, the list I am sharing here is for you.

People Man
agement Association of the Philippines (PMAP)
Is the premier organization of human resource practitioners and people managers in the Philippines as the the organization's website claims and I agree. I am not yet a member of this group but plans to join it after realizing I can now qualify as a member. The last time I checked, I didn't and that was ages ago. After that, I lost interest thinking I wasn't qualified. After researching for this post, I realized that membership requirement is not as prohibitive as I used to think.

Anyway, there are a lot of benefits to joining this group. You get invited to general monthly meetings, symposia, fora and annual conferences. You can also participate in various organizational activities. as far as HR Management is concern, this is the most happening place in the Philippines.

Aside from the home page, I found a linkedin group and a Facebook group related to PMAP. Check it out.

HR Philippines

Is not really a formal organization but an e-group of about 3, 601 people (as of my last count) who are interested obviously in anything HR (pun intended)related. I am actively involved in this group. It is one big forum for people who want to ask about or share ideas on HR issues, practices, resources and opportunities. If you join this group, be prepared to get occasional truckloads of emails from members for various reasons. My good friend Ford Hipolito tries to minimize these occurrences by patiently and voluntarily moderating the emails to ensure members get quality information from the group.

Things to look forward to with being a member of this e-group;

- answers to your inquiries coming from all directions (not all of them are correct so feel free to sift through and do due diligence);
-discounts from member HR services providers;
-annual HR Philippines convention that is so far incredibly affordable and worth every peso; and
- there are a lot of things that are going to happen in 2010 as a result of recently held planning session by the core group so I suggest you join this one. Otherwise, you will miss a lot.
The e-group address is There is also a linkedin, Facebook and a Facebook-like HR Philippines social networking group. Please check all of them out and join.

Philippine Society for Training and Development (PSTD)

I just renewed my membership in this group after many years of absence. If PMAP is the Premier HR organization in the Philippines, PSTD is the premier training practitioners' organization. Group membership means invites to very affordable monthly meeting-cum-learning sessions called Tipanan, Annual conventions and opportunity to network with seasoned training professionals. Joining the group also gets you an invite to the association's e-group which gives you the opportunity to ask your questions and share your ideas. Find the group's Facebook page here.

People@Work or
Is an e-group moderated by my good friend Reggie Reyes, the President of Optimus Innovations and The privileges of this egroup are similar to that of HR Philippines minus the discounts and annual conventions (at least none that I remember).
This is what the e-group description says:

"Hello there! Welcome to the HR-IT Forum. We are a group of HR practitioners in the Philippine IT Industry.

We exchange information on HR Related matters,benchmark and conduct mini-surveys amongst ourselves.

Membership is by-invitation only using these criteria:

1. You are currently a practitioner with an IT company in the Philippines.
2. IT company belong to the Hardware, Software, Systems and Networks, Internet and Consulting sectors.
3. You are endorsed to the group by one of our existing members.
4. You attend one of our forums and introduce yourself and your company.

No cost to be a member though you have to be willing to host a forum meeting.

We are not just a virtual group as we try to see each other at least once a month. The forum is hosted by a member at their preferred venue. We all prefer forums to be both a social and learning experience hence a relevant topic is presented by the host."

My suggestion, if you are an HR practitioner in an IT company here in the Philippines, visit the e-group's page and then ask to be invited. Here's the link.
I'm sure I missed some, so please feel free to add any other Philippine-based HR practitioners group information that you know in the comment section below.

Philippine Industrial Relations Society (PIRS) (
I have not attended the society's meetings for a very long time but I have a very high regard for its organizers and members.

Here's is what the e-group homepage says about the group:

"The Philippine Industrial Relations Society (PIRS, Inc.) is the Philippine national organization of the International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA) founded in 1966. Its founding members were the British Universities Industrial Relations Association, the Industrial Relations Research Association (USA), the International Institute for Labour Studies (Geneva, Switzerland) and the Japan Institute of Labour. Its seat is in Geneva, Switzerland. It was established in response to a growing need to develop and exchange knowledge on industrial relations at the international level, providing the academic and the practitioner with a forum for discussion and research. Contact us at tel-fax (632) 9620422, email- and website-"

Here's the e-group's URL:

There is just too many benefits to being associated with like-minded individuals for you not to be in a group. If you are still alone in your HR practice, you are missing a lot. I suggest that you join any or all of these tribes.


  1. The benefits are really good, joining with the like minded people is really beneficial cause there you would be able to learn things you don't know before. May I know what are the requirements needed to be in PMAP.

    1. Hi! You may send an email to for the requirements and docs needed.

      thank you.

  2. PMAP is really very for any organization. If we learn how to manage people in the organization, then there won't be any hurdles.People Management is the toughest part in any organization but equally needed!

    Human Resources College

  3. Anonymous12:56 AM

    hi, i would like to ask if it is legal here in the PH to have a 45 days notice in lieu of resignation? also, if you resign prior to your "45 days notice in lieu of resignation" (say, 30 days)-- which i signed in the contract, will i still get my final pay or will it be deducted? thanks!

  4. Which did you say you signed in your contract, 30 or 45 days? What you signed in your contract becomes binding for both parties unless any amendment is made afterward that was signed by you and management. At least that's what I know. You might want to ask a lawyer.

  5. Anonymous3:34 PM

    hi sir Ed,

    thanks for the response. i signed the contract that stated 45 days in lieu of resignation.... i did not complete the 45 days because my new company requires me to report within 30 days. will i still get any backpay/compensation?

    thanks in advance!

  6. Did you went AWOL or did your company allow you to go after 30 days? If they allowed you and you were cleared, you should get whatever is due you. If you went AWOL, you will have difficulty getting yourself cleared, hence getting your back pay will be difficult.

  7. Anonymous1:00 AM


    I have tendered my resignation and asked to be released from my employer. I told them i could not extend the usual 30 day notice and instead told them that i could only stay for about 15 days. My manager signed my resignation, however i was not able to go to work on my last day and consider my absence as AWOL. Am i still entitled for my last pay such as 13th month and tax refund? Many thanks..

  8. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Good morning! I am looing for a venue in Metro Manila (pref would be Pasig, Taguig, QC area) for a team building. Good for 45 people, with a function room and garden. It can be a covered court as well. Budget is 10 K for 8 hours. Can you recommend one? Many thanks!

  9. Try Ninoy Aquino parks and wildlife, Lamesa Eco Park and Rainforest Park in Pasig.

  10. Camp Benjamin Sales and Marketing2:39 PM

    Hello Everyone,

    We'd like to introduce to you CAMP BENJAMIN, the newest venue for your company's team building and training activities. Located in Alfonso, Cavite, Camp Benjamin is a 4.7 hectare multi-purpose facility with an adjacent 8 hectares integrated natural farm.

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    - Regular Tent (Tent City)
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    - Suite rooms

    We have the following facilities and amenities:
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    - Infinity pool
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    - Multipurpose Court

    We also offer a TEAM BUILDING program that we can customize based on your company's objectives.

    We will be more than happy to visit you or tour you to the Camp so we can discuss your requirements. Please visit us at or like our FB page at for more information or email us at

    Thank you.

  11. Anonymous3:29 PM

    good day, sir
    i'm a bs psychology fresh graduate and i would just like to ask if you have any suggestions regarding hr organizations open for fresh grads such as myself
    i really want to broaden my knowledge and exposure to hr
    thank you and god bless

  12. I believe there's jr pmap. Look fo them

  13. Anonymous11:32 AM


    I would just like to get anyone's thoughts on using net promoter score for employee engagement. I was thinking of tweaking the question to fit our current business direction. Our company is ramping down to closure in the next 3 years and Hr would like to know if the programs in place to address employee engagement is indeed making a difference. Would it be ok if I re-phrase the eNPS question like this: If the company was not closing, would you recommend your friend/s to work here?
    Are you proud to be a an employee of this company?

    What do you think?

  14. Hi Everyone,

    Im currently doing a research regarding HR and EQ. Might you be interested to participate, kindly accomplish the survey.

    This research aims to discover at what level of EQ and what competencies does a person have to be in the HR Profession.

    Should you participate, kindly click on the link.

    The attached survey is the first draft of items, and your comments and suggestions in terms of items to be deleted and items or scenario you want to add would be highly appreciated. Please be assured that all your answers will only be scene by me.

    Once Items are fully calibrated, I will another link that holds lesser more valid items for you to take and will send the results as well.

    Thank you in advance for participating in this research.

    Best Regards,

  15. Jude Prejido6:01 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently connected to an I.T outsourcing firm as an Account Manager marketing Automated Payroll Process System embracing HRIS,Time and attendance and payroll process alike. A friend of mine suggested me to seek help mostly to Human Resource people who i can negotiate in relation to do business because i don't have any lead where to start since I'm new in new in this field. Can anyone help me here? Im willing to talk and share incentives in reaching my favor. Please kindly help me out.

    Thanks and regards,
    Jude Prejido

  16. Excellent contribution, I think that's really the trend in HR Management at the moment! We need better compensation policies, with adequate benefits for all, and most companies are starting to understand this.

  17. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Hi Everyone,

    My father will retire this September 2014 in a government sector here in the Philippines at the age of 65 years old. he serve's in the agency for 35 years. My i know what are the benefits packages or retirement plan from the agency, aside from the GSIS benefit.


  18. Hi ,

    Could you help me find provider of latest salary survey report for IT Industry and General Industry ?

    Thank you.

  19. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Hi Ed,

    We currently have an employee who wants,to return to work from maternity leave of one month only. She is a sales person and badly needed to get back to her clients. Wondering if there will be implications to her sss and other government entities. What should be the process if possible. Thanks for your feedback in advance.

  20. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Hi everyone, our company offer trainings for hr related and other topics. Please visit our facebook page Businesspro, Asia Inc. Or email us at

  21. Hi,

    May I get your advice on this.

    He started working I think April 02 as sales director.

    He will be 6 months on October 02.

    If I keep him and lower his salary and transfer as production manager, will i violate any law?

    If i keep him as production manager, and later find out that he is still underperforming, will I violate again any law if I fire him after 6 months?

    Should I reprimand him tomorrow for not making the sales team meet its quota, for him not performing his job properly.

    Should I just lay him off now?  

    Do I need to give him one month's worth of salary in lieu of the 30 days notice?


  22. Anonymous10:01 AM


    I would like to ask regarding the regular holiday pay, if a monthly paid employee (factor for computation is 261) and the regular holiday falls on her scheduled restday, should she be given a 100% payment for that unworked holiday, or is it already included in her salary since she is monthly paid?

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hi,

    I would like to ask when a company should offer hazard pay and how much it should be. Are there banks which offers hazard pay to their night shift employees

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