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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Reasons Why You Should Attend The 3rd HR Philippines Convention


If you are an HR Practitioner working in the Philippines or a manager in a company with no HR department and you haven't signed up for the upcoming convention on October 21 and 22, let me give you some reasons to sign up.

First and not necessarily the most important, I'm talking about transitioning from having strictly transactional HR Role to becoming the Strategic HR partner of the organization. This is important, why? Because the world of work is changing. Companies need to put their money where their mouth is when they say that their human resources are their best asset because it's true. If human resources are not your best asset, they are your worst liability. Human Resource practitioners need to step in and make an impact in the organization. This is of course easier said than done. You don't go to sleep one day a transactional HR and wake up a strategic HR. Wanna know what it will take for you step in to this role effectively? Join me on October 21.

Who else are worth seeing in that momentous event? Anna Maria "Penny" Bongato, who is the Director for Human Resources and Administration at Logica, one of the leading multinational IT companies and a Director at People Management Association of the Philippines will talk about "Strategic Talent Planning".

Immediate Past President of Philippine Society for Training and Development and trainer extra ordinaire, Joselito "Jet" Nera will share his vast experience in organization development when he talks about the HR's role in managing organizational changes.

As the world economy turns into it's tumultuous state, the need for HR to influence the organization to engage in activities that help the community becomes apparrent. Dr. Leonardo “Nards” Garcia, Jr., CPM –DEAN, Lyceum of the Philippines University will cover this topic.

A representative from Watson Wyatt will share some very useful information on the "Real Cost of Employee Investment" (Balancing variable and fixed).

Randell Tiongson, a Personal Finance Coach, President and COO of Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation will share his insights on how HR can help employees become more mindful of their money by investing and spending wisely. Why is this important? As the economic crunch intensifies, employees need to manage their finances more or else their income will always be lacking. You and I know what that means.

We will start the second day of the convention with a panel discussion on the effects of Web 2.0 (i.e, blogging, social networking and the Internet at large) to our human resources. Should we allow it or ban it like many other companies do? What can HR do to capitalize this technology? How to do we avoid abuses? Our panelists composed of who's who of Philippine Web 2.0 namely Janet Toral, of E-Commerce Philippines, Inc., Carlo Ople of Friendster and Jayvi Fernandes, to be moderated by another seasoned HR professional and Web 2.0 enthusiast Sonnie Santos and of course your's truly.

In break out sessions, Business Maker Academy Vice President, Karen Cyndy Meghrajani-Sajwani will share some new technologies in training, Viventis CEO, Yu Ming Chin will share some of the latest trends in recruitment and sourcing and Sonnie Santos, VP-HR of CATS Motors, Inc.. will talk about how we can set up our HR Policies to manage the use of social media in the work place.

The second half of the second day will see Atty. Emerico de Guzman of ACCRA Law office sharing some of the latest Labor Jurisprudence which I'm sure a lot of you will be interested in hearing. Donald Lim, CEO of Yehey Corporation will talk about how HR can help build an organizational culture by sharing his own experience at Yehey. Rizalino Rivera, a member of the Board of Directors at Splash Corporation will talk about what values HR practitioners should embrace as they work for the interest of the company and the employees.

If this does not whet your appetite for some HR learning, I don't know what will.


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Call/Text: 0917-3257870 Dou: 022114363

By the way, we are throwing in a lot of prizes and surprises to ensure you get SO MUCH MORE than your money's worth in this event. Seats are limited so don't wait too long.

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  1. Yes, existing Human Resources Departments on corporate or non-corporate business sectors of our country does play a vital role on their holistic function. I couldn't recommend better people to share their experiences, insights and opinions on different areas of human resource improvement and betterment. I must commend the presence of the debonair former PSTD President Joselito Nera, cause his achievements and life's experiences and views are very purpose-oriented.


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