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Monday, September 14, 2009

HR Briefing for New Managers

I'm happy to note that I'm still learning things every day. I realized lately that there are things I could have done or done better when I was an HR Manager. I'm sharing them with those of you who haven't thought about them in the hope that you can pick up where I left off. For those of you who have a good program already running, I'll really appreciate you sharing your experiences in the comment section below.

A lot of line managers fail to appreciate their hr management role because no body really formally gave them a good orientation. They learn things mostly on-the-fly. They learn when a situation confronts them and they don't know what to do. They run to HR for help or worse, they guess and at times guess wrongly. This is why many managers have very low appreciation of their hr roles or worse, they have poor appreciation of hr.

In order to play their hr roles right, new managers, whether newly promoted or hired should be given thorough orientation and training regarding what they need to do related to human resource management. Here are some of the things that should be given to them:

Managers should have a complete appreciation of their recruitment role and the process. They need to understand those documents we produce after we administer our tests. They need to understand what they mean and how they can use these results to make decisions. HR should walk them through the process and let them ask their questions. This should help them make more informed recruitment decisions.

Let your line managers know what available tools and options are available to them regarding training. Let them appreciate their responsibilities and make them accountable for them. Training is a big but worthy investment only if managers will make good on following through.

Performance management

Many managers see this as a chore that they need to comply with because this is often tied with compensation. When there's no proper training managers try to get away with as little of it as possible. They fill up the appraisal sheets and make their recommendations to HR. There's no real effort to manage performance because there's no full appreciation of it and worse no skill to carry it out.

Implementation of HR Policies
HR is often seen as the school principal, the corporate police, judge and executioner, in short all around bad guy because line managers are not giving their share of seeing to it that hr policies are fully implemented. Implementation and administration of hr policies requires partnership between hr and other managers. They need to fully appreciate the use of these policies and what they need to do to maintain compliance. They should also know that if a policy is not working to anyone's advantage anymore, they have the power and responsibility to talk to hr about making the necessary changes.

You may include more in your orientation as you please. These here top my own list. I recommend that you start putting together your manager orientation program today. Include as much written instructions, charts and templates as necessary. I believe it will help enhance the partnership between hr and the line and should enhance hr's strategic contribution to the organization.


  1. This was sent to me using the Ask Ed form on the right side of this blog instead of the comment section here. I am copying and pasting it for everyone.

    "On top of all HR roles that you have just shared..we are also business strategic partners of top management. HR Managers, are also expected to know not just there HR functions but the organizational business as well." - Ellen Garcia

  2. just dropped by, nice article very informative. :)

    -cathy young

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