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Monday, August 17, 2009

What If We Turn Training Departments to Performance Management Department? Part 2

I finally mustered enough energy to write the follow-up post to Part 1. This time, I'm talking about using performance appraisal results as a training needs analysis tool.

Many Training Departments in the Philippines don't have access to Performance Appraisal Results. Hence, they depend on Training Needs Analysis Surveys to help them identify the employees' training needs. I've had my fair share of doing these surveys and I often find the resulting data immensely unbelievable. I felt that asking people about what their training needs are is like asking a man, or a woman what their ideal woman or man is. They often end up going with the ones who are completely the opposite of what they described as ideal. My point? The identified training needs are often inconsistent with what they really need.

This should not happen if the training managers are using performance appraisal data which often go with individual developmental plans. This is provided that the performance appraisal tool is conceived and designed well. I've always found competency-based performance appraisal tools (again, those which are well conceived and designed) to be very useful in identifying training needs. All the training manager has to do is run some statistics on the performance appraisal results and they should be able to identify some trends that will pinpoint who will need to improve which competencies. The chart shown here is an example of an appraisal trend on "Customer Focus" competency.

Wow, it looks like there's going to be a Part 3. When It comes, I will write about using the same competency based performance management tool for designing and managing training. Watch out for it!

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