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Friday, July 10, 2009

Why Go on a Company Outing During Rainy Season

ExeQserve and CheQ Systems hit the beach in Iba Zambales last June 20 and 21. At that time a storm was brewing up north and the waves were crazy. I'm just glad that the decline in that area was gradual. That was because nothing stopped us from playing in the waves. We had the time of our lives which convinced me that going on a company outing on a rainy season was not such a bad idea at all. Let me tell you why:

1. Playing and swimming in the rain is so much fun. Need I say more?

2. Most of us Filipinos don't need to get tanned. Going to the beach under an overcast sky or in the rain rid us of the fear of getting sunburned.
3. No overcrowded beaches. The one we went to was practically empty. No need to worry about bothering others with our rambunctious horse playing.

4. The hard rain during the night could drown out the off-key singing (no guarantee).

5. Because it is off-season, you can negotiate a
good low rate with the resort and the bus rental company. More money for booze and food.

6. Have you tried drinking booze in the rain? (just make sure the rain water don't mix with the liquor) It's great! Binge eating too.

7. If you go to a resort with a more relaxed house rules,( not one of those tight b*tt resorts that make you pay for just about every little thing and ram a barage of rules down your throat) you can come up with a wild party like we did i.e, sing at the top of our lungs, dance like we were drunk (wait, we were drunk!), played crazy games and pour beer and water (whicheve is available) on each other. Because there is practically no other guests, the resort staff just made sure we don't pour water or beer on the karaoke machine.

If you haven't gone to the beach, it ain't too late. If you have, you can always consider doing this next year.

One requirement for having fun, take people who are fun-loving and not those who hit the sack right after dinner or those who will not go out in the rain to swim w
hen it's raining because they are afraid they might catch a cold. :)

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