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Monday, July 06, 2009

Let's Grow More Talents

The Funny thing is, despite the economic downturn which some people say lead to loss of jobs, companies continue to find it hard to find good qualified people in the Philippines. There is a tough competition for talent and experience. Mostly the latter than the former.

Many companies prefer to hire people with the right exposure, the right experience in the business they are in, the kind of clients they handle and the technology they are using. This is understandable. It is quite expensive to develop people to have all these and much riskier if the people they are hiring are managers. There is of course the risk of losing an employee after painstakingly training them because other companies who are unwilling to train, are more willing to part with their big bucks eating the cake that another company baked.

In a grander scheme of things, I am of the opinion that this situation is hampering productivity and profitability on a national level. Why? Because the war for talent is jacking up the market rate of hard to find jobs and causing some companies not to afford them. The war metaphor clearly indicates that there are winners and losers here. The price losers pay in the war for talent is stunted growth and mediocre performance. On the other hand, we have an over abundance of talents with no training (and college education, don't get me started with that!) and experience who are left to get whatever work is available. This is why we have business majors who are sweeping floors, engineering graduates working as data entry operators and other jobs that leave them with very little return on their college investment and very little purchasing power to buy the products and services that the industries are churning out. No wonder the economy is bad.

I think both government and industries need and must focus on human resource development. Companies must put up a human resource development plan of their own that will address the competency needs of their businesses. They should be able to hire younger, less experienced people and hone them well enough to succeed incumbent highly skilled people when they move on. Companies should develop their own career development and succession planning program. The Philippine government must look into giving more tax incentives to ALL companies who invest heavily on human resource development. This should ease the burden of finding qualified people and increase the opportunities of young professionals for career growth. I believe in the end, everybody will win.


  1. i agree human resource development is very important. i just think that this should start way before a person gets employed.

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Hi Ed,

    I agree 100%. We should make use of what we already have right in front of us. Unused, untapped, undeveloped talent just waiting to be developed and maximized.

    This can also increase company loyalty and lower employee turn-over. (i don't know what is the corporate term) Also, this will definitely lower training and hiring cost long-term.

    By the way, I added your blog to my Blogroll. I find your site very useful for people who needs to know anything about HR.

  3. @mela if you mean by way before a person gets employed is having useful education and training in college or vocational school, I agree with you.

    @productivepinoy, thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I also saw your site and found very useful information. I shall add you to my blogroll, as soon as I'm done with a pressing work I'm doing right now.

  4. Some companies are now partnering with universities and colleges in training students to be their future employees. PLDT Ventus has offered Call Center programs, while 2Go is behind the Supply Management courses. I remember a famous group of companies has sponsored scholarship grants to several CS and COE students in our university which later were given a job in their IT department. These companies are able to share their manpower needs to these schools, which save them the training costs.


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