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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Laws Against Discrimination in Employment

I read today from Philippine Daily Inquirer as reported by Julie M. Aurelio that some Quezon City Councilors are working on passing an ordinance prohibiting prospective employers from turning away applicants, especially older ones, on the basis of their age and not their skills. This measure was proposed b Councilors Jesus Manuel Suntay, Bernadette Herrera-Dy, Winston Castelo, Eden Medina, Wencerom Benedict Lagumbay and several others.

I laud this act of the enlightened councilors, it's a step towards the right the direction that should be emulated by other progressive cities and is also long overdue. At the the same time it makes me sad because the action is local to Quezon City and not national as it should be. It also saddens me that it's limited to age when there are other forms of discrimination in the private sector like gender, marital status, school attended, discrimination due to disabilities and other forms of discrimination.

As far as anti-discrimination laws and affirmative actions related to employment are concerned, the Philippines lags behind some countries. Just look at want ads in papers or online and one can see employment criteria like age, gender, marital status, and preferred universities. Governments of other countries have long recognized that these forms of discrimination are unfair and put some sectors of the society at a disadvantage.

It's about time our country catches up with the 21st century and require employers to be socially responsible in the way they hire. We need a stronger overarching law that prohibits all sorts of discrimination in employment. People should be hired based on their abilities to take on the job and not on certain stereo types.


  1. At least we can still work at old age - for some good income.

    I agree that this one is late to be implemented in our country, but there are still some private companies who believe that skills matter most than age.

  2. As an HR professional.. discriminatory policies makel companies lose out on knowledge, skills and abilities of older workers BIG TIME.. ENDO does the same thing.. Until govt realizes this, productivity will be sub par..


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