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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dream Service

I had a dream, not the Martin Luther King kind of a dream but a dream, dream. the one where one sleeps and then... dream.

It was pretty vivid, I walked into one of the popular banks here in the Philippines and found myself inside an establishment that looks more like a coffee shop or a restaurant. One of the security guards greeted me at the door. He was wearing a uniform that resembles that of Cebu Pacific's, bright colored, colared shirt and khaki pants. The only give away that he was security guard was the cool baseball cap he was wearing that says, SECURITY DUDE. He gave me a number and had me seated in one of the coffee tables that have at least two chairs each. He asked if I want the "on the house" brewed coffee and biscuit or if I want to order something else, pointing at a Starbucks-like counter at the far left of the establishment. i said I'll go for the 'on-the-house" stuffs. He went to the coffee counter with some coffee and biscuits and then told me to help my self if i want another serving because the queue is a bit long today.

As I sat there, I noticed there was no bank teller behind a tall counter. What they have are bank representatives who hop from one table to another by the number similar to the ones you find at fastfood chains. The transaction starts with the bank representative reaching to the customer to shake hands and introducing themselves or saying a genuinely appreciative "hi, nice to see you again mr. so and so!" for regular customers. By the way, they also wear a similar attire to that of the security dude minus the cap. The environment was casual and the piped in music was pop. Among the first questions they ask is "are you in a hurry?" and I guess the answers make them adjust the transaction. I noticed a rep having coffee and chatting with a customer while another one, quickly processed the request of one customer who didn't even had coffee and then moved to another table after the customer dashed out of the bank.

There was no office tables at the customer service area, just coffee tables. There is a back room though that resembles that of fastfood chains except that they don't prepare food there but do some support work for the bank representatives on the floor who were wearing headsets with mic and communicating with the backroom people, filling in request and getting updates and stuffs. The whole environment was so different from how banks of today are setup. The bank representatives were not grumpy, in fact there's a certain bounce in the way they move showing genuine excitement in their work. They don't just process transactions, they serve and they were empowered.

If you are guessing that parts of these dreams were made while I was awake, you're right! But what the heck, it'd be interesting to see something like this happen for real here in the Philippines, don't you think?


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    that was nice entry Ed. I wish that your dream/story came into reality.

    - Jeff Azarcon

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    good day po, I am an employer of 6. I want to ask if special holidays & holidays are being paid since we only have less than ten (10) employees. thanks po


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