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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hiring is Everything

Great products, great service, great sales, marketing and operations strategies and results are made by people capable of producing great results. I'm not saying we only hire great people, I'm saying let's hire people who are great at what they do or at the very least capable of becoming great at what they are supposed to do. On the other hand, mediocre performance might as well be a result of a poor hiring strategy.

Think about it. no amount of training or other interventions can correct a hiring mistake. In my several years of experience in human resource management and training. I can already sense when a participant will not benefit in the training because he doesn't have what it takes to succeed in the job. Judgmental you might say, putting the blame on the participant instead of yourself, you may add. But let me prove my point. I facilitated a training for a group of people. Both participants A and B were participative in the training.They both showed appreciation in the program content. Both came up with good forward agenda to apply learning to work, only one of them actually did apply it and had an improved performance to show for it. This thing happens all the time for different groups and people. The training works for people who have what it takes to succeed in the job. It doesn't work for those who doesn't have what it takes. Go ask a farmer if he plants whatever he wants in his land and he'll tell you that he can't because there are right produce appropriate for the type of land he has. He also considers the climate, topography and time of the year.

Why are a lot of people in the wrong jobs? Because a lot of managers do not pay as much attention as they should to hiring. When HR ask them to detail their requirements, they are too lazy to thoroughly think about the requirements leaving HR to doing a lot guesswork. And because they do not thoroughly think about their requirements, they miss hiring the right people and end up hiring somebody for her likability factor. Another reason why managers fail to hire the right people is because they invest very little in their hiring technology.They don't want to buy screening tools or avail of services that will aid them in screening people. They are not trained to properly look at screening tools and are not knowledgeable in the ways of interviewing and discerning between a good candidate and a poor one. As a result, they spend more and waste more money because the ones they hire are not producing the results.

Here's my call to action. Get or establish a good hiring strategy. Get good screening tools. help your managers appreciate the power of a good hiring strategy and then train them on how to make good hiring decisions. It will save your company a lot of money and mostly likely earn you more.


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