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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Toastmaster

If you've been reading my blogs or know me personally, you'll know that I'm a passionate HR practitioner and a committed Toastmaster. Being exposed in both worlds made me see the connection between what organizations need and what Toastmasters members especially those who have been in the club for some time and have accomplished much have to offer. Here are my 10 reasons why if you are hiring, you should get a Toastmaster. This is in no particular order:

1. A toastmaster puts her money where her mouth is. She appreciates the importance of personal development and commits to it by regularly investing time and money to develop better listening, thinking and speaking skills.

2. A Toastmaster knows how to use influence instead of force to lead. A successful Toastmaster who has carried out several Toastmasters Club responsibilities successfully knows how to use influence. Toastmasters clubs are often composed of very busy professionals who cannot be forced to do something unless they completely buy into it. A good Toastmaster Leader understands this, so he uses his ability to sell ideas and convince others to buy in, participate and commit themselves to a cause.

3. A Toastmaster has confidence or is striving to build it. As a recruiter and manager I believe in the importance of confidence and I believe that confidence is built through hard work. Toastmasters don't sit on their needs to build confidence, they work hard to achieve it, through practice and constant feedback from fellow members.

4.A Toastmaster knows how to give constructive feedback. Toastmasters give and receive evaluations every meeting. Because they hold no authoritative power over their fellow members, they learn how to use the combination of candor and diplomacy when dealing with others.

5. A Toastmaster knows how to listen. No other organization teaches listening more than Toastmasters. Through participation in meetings, they learn how to listen to understand, appreciate, evaluate and form an opinion based on their understanding, appreciation and evaluation of what they heard.

6. A Toastmaster is a go-getter. If you meet a Toastmaster who has achieved what we call advanced norms at a reasonable amount of time, that person knows how to set goals and pursue them. Achieving advanced norms in Toastmasters require discipline and determination. Somebody who has achieved a norm of Competent Communicator in a year or less should be commended for his ability to fight fear, laziness, excuses and lack of inspiration to get the most out of being a Toastmaster.

7. A Toastmaster is a good communicator or someone who is striving to be. She knows how important communication is and is doing her best to make sure, that she can communicate effectively. I have heard people point at their need to improve their communication skills and yet not do anything about it. You can't say the same to a Toastmaster.

8. A Toastmaster is creative. Completing the basic and advanced norms of Toastmasters require creativity. Participating in club meetings as Toastmaster of the evening, Table Topics Master or participant helps them to practice it. They succeed and or fail and know how to learn from each experience and become more and more creative as they stay in being Toastmasters.

9. A Toastmaster is friendly. Toastmasters Clubs exist in the spirit of camaraderie and friendship. When negative emotions fill a club, it shuts down and most members cease to become Toastmasters. A Toastmaster who has stayed in a club for years and has taken up important roles in the club learns how to be welcoming and friendly. She knows how to offer help and appreciate the same which contributes to the longevity of the club and the members.

10. A Toastmaster knows how to mentor. Experienced Toastmasters caddy new members as they learn the ropes of Toastmasterring, They give advice, share their experience and look forward to seeing the new member become a confident Toastmaster. A new Toastmasters Club President gets important support from Past Presidents. There are no competitions as to whose term is more successful, only a common desire to make this term even more successful than the last.

Not all Toastmasters are like what I described but a fairly good number of them are, especially in my club ButterNToast!

If you feel like I'm speaking to you and you are in the Makati area on November 27 at 7:00 p.m., please visit our club so you can see what I mean. Click the link above for more details or contact me. If our meeting venue is too far from you. visit Toastmasters International website and look for a club near you.

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  1. Great post! The District Governor for my district here in Connecticut (USA) even brought it to my attention!
    Since you are in HR, you might find our district's HR Page of interest....
    Dave Wheeler
    D53 LGM, 2008-9
    (My TM blog is at


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