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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New HR Philippines Social Network at Ning


Rod Lagahit of Cebu ignited it and it spread like wildfire! We are now more than a hundred and we've practically just begun! If you are an HR Practitioner in the Philippines or interest in the HR affairs in our country, check out HRPHILIPPINES SOCIAL NETWORK

Now, how do we make the most out of this network? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Invite more people in. The more HR practitioners in the network, the richer the discussion and the wealth of knowledge shared will be.

2. Connect with as many people in the group as you can. Introduce yourself and find possible opportunities to share resources, do business etc. (but beware! do not spam!)

3. Knowledge share - Ask questions, start a discussion, participate in the forum. The great advantage of this group compared to the e-group is, the topics are more organized and can be accessed more easily. Question on labor issues, holidays, uniform suppliers, Christmas party venues will be much easier to find and collect, so let's start sharing.

4. Find business opportunities - If you have a business you want others to know. Post it in the Events, Forum, or Notes section. If you are looking for resources, or suppliers, that's where to find them.

5. Be read by other HR People - If you have a blog outside this group, you can RSS it on your main page so others can see it. You can also do like I do, I post an excerpt of my anythinghr by ed blog and then link it to the blog.

This sure is going to be an exciting progress in Philippine HR Networking. I hope it succeeds in bringing the Philippine HR practitioners together!

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  1. I am from Chandigarh and really love to use social networks. It is the requirement of new era.


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