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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blogs, E-Groups and Social Networks as HR Tools

It’s amazing what Web 2.0 brought to the world. It brought tools that allow people to communicate in ways that used to be impossible. As a blogger, it allows me to be accessible to audiences readers and internet surfers around the globe at a very minimal cost both to me and the readers. I get to access precious information and ideas that people give away freely.

Blogs give consumers new power to rant and rave about products and find out some information about them before buying(I should have done my due diligence before subscribing to globelines!!!). Let me share with you today what I think their potentials as tools and resources for managing HR.

Here’s more. There’s a growing number of HR bloggers in the internet who share information, experiences, ideas and opinion on how to Manage HR or deal with HR Management roles. I am tempted to put links in this article but as I Googled the key word HR blog, Google returned a hefty number of HR Blogs and this blog of mine was not even found! (reminds me to do something about my tags!) The topics are as diverse if not more than my own. And a lot of them very useful if you are open minded enough about the idea of using not thoroughly verified ideas. This brings me to my suggestion on how to use information coming from blogs, take them with a grain of salt. Be objective. Don’t take everything hook line and sinker because a lot of them including mine do not give guarantees. Treat every blog information that you read as suggestions. Do not take them as a matter of instruction unless you are willing to take accountability for doing so.

Now if you have a lot of ideas and experiences about HR Management, and you want to share them with the world, go jump right in and blog away. , , and the rest are waiting for you. There enough space in blogosphere for everyone. And by the way, if you want to exchange link with me, just say so. :)

Now, if you are looking to connect with like-minded individuals and those who are not so, e-groups and social networks are for you. In the Philippines, there are several yahoo groups with HR practitioners as members. There’s,, my own, and a host of others. You can also choose to join international or country specific e-groups if you like. Just be ready to get your inbox flooded with more emails than you can possibly read in a day or care to read at all. As an HR practitioner, I acknowledge the wealth of information that I get from people I haven't even seen face-to-face before through these e-groups. It also allows me to respond to others needing help or advice. I of course get to peddle my services to those who are looking for it (and shamelessly to those are not looking for it…hehehe).

There are a number of Social networking tools in the web but the one I find the most useful and I’m really raving about this days is
linkedin. It’s the friendster for the professionals!. Through linkedin I am able to connect with old colleagues, classmates and peers, know what’s happening in their professional lives and tap into them as necessary. I already have a number of connections in my account and would be very happy if you will connect with me as well. Just click the linkedin button on your right or here. I find this tool useful because if subscribers are able to complete and update their personal data, it’s like looking at their cv’s. There are even recommendation features (and I wouldn’t mind some of my friends and past colleagues to recommend me as well…(evil laughter)) and a shout out feature that you can really take advantage of if you want to let people know what you are doing or what you are looking for. My dream is to get connected with the HR Practitioners of the world and get an opportunity to exchange ideas and opportunities with them so if you are an HR practitioner no matter at what level or where you are coming from, I want to connect with you. I have my Linked In, Friendster , Multiply and Shelfari Account. Take your pick!

Btw, I also noticed that some employees of certain companies put up group accounts in friendster, multiply and Linkedin. With the manically busy and multitasking new world of work where people have limited face time, this may be a good idea for connecting with everyone within and outside of work and share both personal and work-related information. Here's another trivia, do you know that some companies Google, or search their candidates in Friendster, Multiply, LinkedIn and other social networks as a way of knowing more about them? Bet you haven't done that!

Jump right in!

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