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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recruitment Paradigm Shifts

It’s happening and will continue to happen for a long time until the government and companies discover a way to curb the problem.

I’m talking about the talent shortage which is more difficult to solve than the current rice shortage crisis. Due to the fact that the talent shortage is a global reality, companies abroad look at our own talent pool to quench their organizational thirst for qualified workers. In my business as a recruitment service provider, I have heard potential candidates say they prefer overseas deployment, while those who are here are already paid high by their current employers and would move only if offered a much better package. The best candidates are engaged somewhere else, hence even the internet and print-based job posting services sometimes fail to deliver the needed candidates. There seems to be not enough qualified and highly skilled workers to go around anymore. The biggest hit by the shortage is the IT industry, the BPO’s and believe it or not even companies engaged in sales. It was not too long ago, when there are more applicants for sales positions than companies are ready to engage. Now applicants come in little trickles. It’s either, they’ve all turned in to nurses, call center agents, went abroad or just do not have the guts to apply for such a position because of the poor academic preparation for this kind of jobs. How do we deal with this situation? What old paradigms do we need to throw out the window in order to get the talents that we need for our companies? I have a few suggestions.

Hire for talent, train for skills – This is so old news that many take it for a cliché. The truth is very few companies do this. First, because it is so difficult to determine the kinds of talents needed in order to do the job effectively and second, it is so difficult to determine who has the talents needed in order to do the job effectively. If anyone reading this knows a device for doing this, please leave a comment on how you can be contacted so that people who might want to take this route can contact you. One company/website offers a solution. It’s called Strengths Finder - The book plus Marcus Buckingham’s Now Discover Your Strengths are good reads in this area. I must say though that while this sounds like a solution, it is a hard paradigm to shift into especially considering the cash outlay involved in hiring people with potentials rather than people with proven experiences. I believe though that setting up the groundwork for hiring and then training eventually pays back and allows the company enlarge the country’s talent pool. (Although I know some companies who are not interested in these stuffs)

I came across some companies who as a matter of rule need three good candidates to choose from before they make a decision. They often lose good candidates because of this. They say that they cannot compromise this rule and I understand where they are coming from. Considering the situation now however, I feel that this kind of rule needs to be reviewed.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing services are now becoming more economical. This may sound like a shameless pitch (As a matter of fact it is, evil laughter), but I speak the truth. Hiring the right people has become so challenging and expensive to do on your own that you need help from people like us. When you post your vacancies in the leading news papers and internet job portals, there are no guarantee that you’ll be able to hire the people you want to hire while your money is already spent. This does not include the cost of sorting through resumes that take you away from more meaningful work. Head hunters, as we are usually called, take the risk out of your hands and take over the tedious tasks of sorting through a bigger mass of resumes. You only pay us when we are able to find the people you are looking for. We even guarantee replacing them at no extra cost to you if they fail to meet your expectations or they go too early.

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