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Friday, April 11, 2008

OJT Program as Corporate Social Responsibility

It's like a blessing from heaven, a welcome relief. A way to unburden oneself without too much of an extra cost. Easily justifiable to management and a perfect idea. Get students to take an "on-the-job training" or internship with you so you can pass on some of the most mundane tasks to them like filing papers, updating records etc. Anyway, you're paying them allowance so you shouldn't feel guilty about turning them into extra hands, extra hands that do the dirty work. If you are one of those who are thinking of getting interns to get help in doing your chores, read more to find out the responsibilities that should go with your decision..

Taking in OJT's should be more than just temporarily augmenting your workforce, it should be seen as an opportunity to give back to society by providing interns with meaningful experience that they can use when they formally enter the world of work. This year, many graduates will enter the professional world clueless simply because they didn't get the necessary career starter.

Career starter, I think that's a good way to describe it. I remember a couple of years back, I had a client in the IT industry that has a very comprehensive OJT program. Included in the program are courses that the interns are expected to undertake and exposure to actual work. There were tests and evaluations and the ones who topped the tests get to be absorbed after the internship program while the ones who did not do as well were able to acquire precious experience that they can use after graduation. I think all companies that engage OJT's should have something similar, provide a real learning experiences they can start their career with. That's a lot more valuable than the meal allowance you are willing to pay (I know some companies who are not even willing to pay and I worked for some of them...haay!).

As I said, Developing an OJT program can be your way of giving back to society. By partnering with a school and developing an honest to goodness internship program, you reduce the amount of incompetence now proliferating in our society. By giving your interns something they can show their future employers that will make those employers feel more confident about hiring them, you are actually helping people build their careers at the very onset. It's priceless.

I am proud to say that we had an OJT here in our office last month. We had the opportunity to share with her what we do to the fullest. She was able to administer some of the tests that we give to applicants, She shadowed with my staff during interviews. They walked her through the timekeeping and payroll process and allowed her to coordinate and even participate in our trainers' training course.And yes, she also did some filing of records. It was a good start but now that I'm thinking about it, it should certainly not be the end. We should continue to improve our program so that all interns who pass our internship program have something meaningful to take with them when they start their careers.

I believe schools and industries should step-up efforts to partner toward this end. I know this is not original, some have already taken the initial steps toward this end and there's dualtech. I believe however that this should be more the rule rather than an exception.

You want an OJT, be responsible for their future. Teach them how to be successful in their chosen career..

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