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Friday, April 04, 2008

Nightmare in White Rock

We had a great company outing in White Rock Beach Resort in Subic last weekend and that is mostly because of the people I went there with. I personally enjoyed the company of ExeQserve and CheQ Systems employees. We played some fun games, sung our lungs out (at least I did) and drank our selves drunk(is that right?). If only we were in a better resort the fun would have been complete. Let me tell you why.

There were about 80 of us in two buses and we all have our horror stories to tell that range from poor service, bland food to most importantly dirty sea water! I mean really dirty. Some of my personal horror stories include orders that never arrived, lack of ketchup supply (can you imagine??? I asked a food server to give me ketchup, went back after a about five minutes with an almost empty bottle of ketchup and said, sorry Sir, that's all we have.) insufficient servings and unavailable staffs.

The biggest horror of them all was when my group went boating. On our way back to the beach, I noticed that there are shanties on stilts right beside White Rock resort separated only by a concrete wall. The shanties are standing over the water already. It made me wonder how they dispose of their wastes. I was hoping it's not as bad as I imagine it to be because I remember swimming close to that area the day before and you know what happens when you swim, you get to drink or at least taste the water. My colleague Christian asked me to go kayaking to which I obliged. I asked him to paddle towards the shanties so I can see what's going on much closer and here's what I found: garbage, used napkins and diapers with crap floating around and a guy hiding behind a rock, taking a dump right on to the sea!!! No wonder the water stunk!!! The stinking guy just looked away when he saw us! Christian and I hurriedly paddled away, returned the kayak and swore not to step into the water of White Rock ever again! In fairness to White Rock, the place is beautiful The hotel rooms are ok, lots of amenities and spacious enough for fun and teambuilding activities. If only their employees are more empowered to serve and only if they take care of the water... haaay!

Lessons learned: when you do an occular inspection of the place, check out the vicinities as well so you don't end up in a crappy beach, literally speaking. Try out the food and the service before sending all your people there. When we spend for company outing, we invest on employee experience. Even when we mean well, a wrong decision can really affect the quality of the experience and can damage our objectives. I'm just glad that I was with a great group, otherwise, it would have been a real nightmare. I googled the place and learned that there are already some negative reviews. What a waste. I hope they fix the place up.

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