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Friday, March 28, 2008

Team Leadership Before Teamwork

Holding a teambuilding workshop without investing in Team Leadership development first is a potential waste of time, money and effort…

It’s teambuilding season once again folks and I’m sure that a lot of you are preparing to hold some kind of teambuilding activities in the hope that it would improve teamwork. Just like many others, you probably want your employees to be more collaborative, committed and all those other positive adjectives that define a team player.

So now you’ve requested for budget and it’s been approved, looked for a good venue, rented a bus and are now very excited about going offsite with your team to build that team spirit that you feel your group needs to improve. Nothing is gonna stop you now… except one thing, poor leadership skills.
If the leader is not ready, it would be painfully difficult to achieve team effectiveness. If the leader does not embrace the principles of team leadership, team members end up frustrated and become cynical of the effort to build the team. This is because nothing happens after the workshop and the leader continues to ignore the rules of teamwork. If you are serious about building team culture in your organization, you should start with a SERIOUS INTERVENTION to help your leaders understand and embrace the roles they play in a team environment.

A good team leadership program should contain the following:

Understanding the difference between being a traditional boss and team leadership and accepting to be the latter.

Appreciating the qualities of an effective team leader and what needs to be done to acquire these qualities.

Describing the responsibilities of the leader to the organization, the team members, fellow leaders, the customers and themselves.
Understanding how teams develop and the role leaders play at each stage of team development.

Knowing how to diagnose the team’s dysfunctions and identifying what needs to be done to overcome them.

Appreciating the role leaders play in inspiring team members to align their action with the goals of the team.

Appreciating that they need to adjust their leadership styles with the composition of the team.

Creating an action plan that will allow them to make changes in the way they lead as realization of what they need to do as leaders.

Team Leadership building should be the first and most important team building initiative of an organization. The company’s success in doing this will define their success in the following initiatives.
The major challenge has always been the fact that most leaders think that they are already good leaders the way they are which is not always the case hence, the most difficult first step is to get them to accept new concepts about how to lead.

If you think this applies to you or the leaders you are working with and you need help, I might be able to. Call me.

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