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Monday, February 11, 2008

Best Places to Do Outdoor Teambuilding In Luzon, Philippines

Wanna go outdoor team building this summer? Let me share with you some of the venues I've visited and facilitated team building in Luzon. For those who have seen better venues in the Philippines, I welcome you to share those places with my readers by writing in the comment section.

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Here Goes...
Hotel La Corona de Pagsanjan
I've facilitated workshops there more than a dozen times. They have low and High Ropes facilities, two decent-sized swimming pools and very good customer service and offers tasty native dishes. I've also facilitated a couple of paintball games there. Only problem is that they are so in demand that if you plan to hold your team building there, you should make reservation well ahead of time.

Meralco Management & Leadership Development Center Foundation, Inc.
MMLDC has the best accommodation among the team building venues that I've been to. they have an excellent paintball set-up, low and high events, great function rooms, huge space for pretty much everything that you can think of. You know what comes with great quality... right... price.

Eugenio Lopez Center (Can't find the website) is another Lopez property situated atop the hill in Sumulong. Picture MMLDC on top of the hill and you'll get ELC.

Caliraya Recreation Center,
Another spacious resort that offer a lot of flexibility for your outdoor activities. They have some set-up for low events, there's rappelling as well, horse back riding and a host of others. Price is fair. Food choice is kind of limited and drinking of alcoholic beverages is not allowed. Rooms are not that good.

The Forest Club, Bae Laguna
It's a small resort that can probably house just up to two average sized groups at a time. They have a set-up that I used to facilitate amazing race type team building. they also have a nice warm pool. The function room is not that great. Accommodation is composed of Huts with very limited number of air conditioned rooms. Customer service is excellent.

Sitio Lucia Garden Resort, Bulacan

If you are in the Bulacan or Valenzuela Area and looking around there to go team building. This is the place to go to. They have a small setup there that you can use for your team building activity, plus they have a lot of swimming pools. The accommodation is OK. Food is average. I suggest that you go there on a weekday as it can get pretty crowded there on a weekend because it is open to walk in clients who want to enjoy their pools.

Chateau Royale Resort, Batangas

Chateau Royale has some set-up for low events, there's a paintball field that you can use. Function rooms are great. I've never slept there so I cannot say anything about the accommodation. Food is OK.

Lake Island Resort - Binangonan
This is a nice place located in Rizal. I've not gone there for a very long time so I can just hope that they were able to maintain its beauty. They offer a lot of amenities there. I think the ropes course is being offered by LUBID, I'm not sure. I remember that the food was really good.

Bakasyunan sa Baybay Dagat:

Bakasyunan is found in Iba, Zambales. It is now more easily accessible via SCTEX. They have a lot of rooms for big group, a lot of open spaces. Customer service is great. They go the extra mile to let you get what you need.

Matabungkay Resort and Hotel

I haven't gone here but I will be in the near future. I'll update this after I am able to facilitate a team building workshop here.


This is a great place to have not only your team building workshops but any training programs you can think of. They've got a great facility and the staff is very flexible and willing to help make your program a success. I strongly recommend this venue.

I know that there is a resort in Subic that also offers ropes course but I have not done any team building there and don't know the name of the resort. If you know it, please add it to my list.

As I said, if you know of other sites here in Luzon or in Cebu and Mindanao, please add it here. It would be good to discover other venues that team building facilitators like me can use.
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  1. Hi!

    We recently had teambuilding at Camp Allen at Sta.Cruz Laguna. They have many rope events, rappelling, wall climbing, cable walking, etc. Our group really liked it. Very affordable too.

  2. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Nice blog layout! Very neat and easy on the eyes.

  3. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Many thanks for posting something like this!Indeed a good reference.

    I would like to add CLUB BALAI ISABEL,( a very nice place in Talisay Batangas,which has a magnificent view of Taal Volcano!

    They cater to different events, complete with function rooms, for strat planning, obstacle course for teambuilding,kayaks, boats, fishing and massage services as well.

    They also have "MOBIDEEP" (swimming pools in the lake),something new, different and really beautiful!

  4. i'd like to share CAMP MANGO FARM at Zambales. you can check my multipy site (

    magnificent rooms to stay
    here are the activities:

    all terrain vehichle
    paint ball
    pig hunt
    sumo wrestling
    obstacle course
    rope exercises
    wall climbing

    muscle stretching action at its best!

  5. Anonymous1:12 PM

    anyone happen to have the contact number of LUBID team building facilitator. Thanks

  6. Anonymous1:07 AM

    We've also done teambuilding at Sitio Lucia. Definitely the only place to go in Bulacan for teambuilding or trainings: good facilities, comfy accommodation, and super-friendly staff. Price is not bad either.

    I think their site is:


  7. Thank you Ed. This is helpful. You inspired me to share also my teambuilding venues (and stories). The first quarter of 2010 is a very hectic schedule for me. I will be having teambuilding sessions almost every week starting the second week of January. I will look into this list again and contact the venue owners when I have time.

    Thank you.


    P.S. My site has a new look. I invite you to see and leave your comments;

  8. Anonymous12:02 PM

    We've had some pretty good venues for teambuilding for our companies such as:

    Corregidor - nothing beats amazing race types of teambuilding among historial ruins.

    thunderbird report in rizal - amazing view. very good rooms. food ok. this is more for indoor type of team building.

    punta de uian in san antonio, zambales. 20+ hectare resort. new rooms, good view, not so good food. nearby isolated island good for day trekking.

  9. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Phillips-Sanctuary in Antipolo.

    The only place you need to know.

  10. Philips Sanctuary looks good. I'll try and visit. Maybe we can run our teambuilding workshops there :) Thanks for the referral.

  11. Anonymous3:35 PM

    I hope you can do a list on Mindanao and or Visayas as well!

  12. Nice place.. Indeed, a good one for team building activities! Hope our company can come to this place..

  13. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Hi! Great website! By the way, the website for the Eugenio Lopez Center is

  14. Anonymous10:54 PM

    had another one at Forest Club Laguna last August 2010

    & Last MArch 9-7, 2011 at Philipp's Sanctuary at Antipolo.

    2 thumbs up rating!

    my multiply:

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  17. Hi

    Here's the URL for the Eugenio Lopez Center


  18. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Thanks so much for this list. It was indeed helpful for us, organizers of team-building =)

    Just wanted to share also about our new discovery, Camp Benjamin in Alfonso, Cavite ( Our company is among the first customers when they opened this year. They didn't fail us!

    Worth visiting and experiencing. Very good programs, relaxing and refreshing ambiance, good food, service-oriented.


  19. Camp Benjamin looks promising. I should visit this soon. Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Great post! To ensure that you'll be getting high productivity, do some team building games into the work routine.

  21. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Falcon Crest Resort is nice. We had rappeling, zipline, wall climb, and the place is huge. Check it out.

  22. Hi, you can also consider Gratchi's Getaway in Tagaytay for your teambuilding requirements. The website is

  23. Team building is essential not only for ourselves but also for a company or business. In this way we can make a bond and share ideas in which we can help us to improve our personal abilities and skills. I am glad that I came across to your blog. Thank you.

    Zummi|camping Philippines

  24. I must say that of all places I've been through the last 3 years, Camp Benjamin offers the best experience with their program and farm.

  25. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Was just up in Tagaytay and did an ocular at Gratchi's Getaway. Impressed with the nature theme and staff there. And that great breeze! ATV trail was also a plus...

  26. Call Center Guy12:46 AM

    Save time and go straight to Camp Benjamin, you'll never go wrong. Amazing place, courteous staff, reasonable packages. Sila na!

  27. Anonymous2:35 PM

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  28. Anonymous12:15 PM

    You can also try Tanay Adventure Camp if your looking for a great adventure experience. With highly skilled and well trained Facilitators and Staff. You can check their website..

  29. Super helpful. Thanks for this info. :)

  30. HR Practitioner5:54 AM

    Hi. There's a very nice Training Facility in Antipolo named FIRST PACIFIC LEADERSHIP ACADEMY. They are actually open to public. They have a complete package for all your training needs, from Programs, Facilitators, Venue, Hotel to Food. A ones-top shop training academy - hassle free for people who are doing the coordination. They also have team building facilities from low to high courses, complete with Safety Officers and Medical Team.

    This is their website:

  31. Nice places for a team building. I want to play that paintball. Try to have some outdoor activities in Pampanga also. :)

  32. Nice places. If you'd like something more affordable and natural in the Palawan area, the camp at
    is located half way between El Nido and Coron. Many of the public ferries stop in Linapacan, after which it is a short boatride to the island. There are 52 islands in this area, most of which are deserted or only sparsely populated by fishermen families. They have jungle trails for trekking, can organise local boat fishing/snorkeling tours in the clearest waters in the world, some caves to explore, two shipwrecks for diving, an old Spanish fortress, even kitesurfing and other sports at the camp.

  33. Get your team out of the city and experience an adventure-packed team building activities. Avail of our special peak season All-in Team Building promo and rekindle your bonds at Camp Benjamin.

    See flyer for details here:

    Visit our website for more details:

    You may also PM or email us at or call us at 0927-4966023 | 0947-3382995 | 0932-5483054 | 046 443-2163 to 64.

  34. WOW great place thank you so much you can also try casino and hotels in the Philippines

  35. Thanks for sharing! I want to recommend also this outdoor activities in Laguna

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