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Sunday, October 14, 2007

There are Barbers and then There are Great Barbers

I had my haircut last week. The cut was ok, not great, but ok. The feeling was not equal to the one I had a couple of months back when I had a great haircut from an equally great barber.

I felt the difference between the two of them and I realized that the difference in their attitude and behaviors also spell the difference in how they made me feel about the results of their work.

My last barber was like a typical factory worker. ( I do not mean to demean factory workers, I have a lot of respect  for them) This barber asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted a trim so he gave me a trim. In about 15 to 20 minutes, he's done working on my head.
Having the guts to complain is not my strength, I tried consoling my self by saying, it's not bad. Mary, my wife who was window shopping while I was having my haircut said it was okay, not great but okay. I remember how she wore a wide smile the other time I had a haircut. She said, she never saw me look that great.
How was my other barber different? When I sat on his chair, he asked me the same thing. "what do you want?" I said I just wanted a trim. He studied my hair and then told me what he wanted to do with my hair, he said he's going to make a cut here and there, make this and that shorter but retain this and that. I said that sounds good and that's when he started working. Every time he was checking with me to make sure I understand and like what he was doing. This guy don't just have art, he's got science!
The experience I had with my barbers made me wonder about my own work as an HR practitioner. I asked my self if I am just being a barber or a great barber and quite frankly I will admit that I am not as consistent about being good at what I do as much as I want and should!

This little realization is important to me and I hope that it could inspire my readers to reflect on themselves as well. I want to be as great as my first barber in my HR practice and I realize that I can't just wake up one morning a great hr practitioner. I need to do something. I have listed a number of things I should do to pursue hr practice greatness and here they are:
  • I cannot be better if I know and do the exact same thing again and again so I am committing myself to life-long learning in the field of HR and Organization Development.
  • Treat each hr project as my own work of art... Or science and employ my best to ensure satisfaction and delight from those who receive my service.
  • I realize that not all of my efforts will lead to positive results but I will continue to use each experience as my laboratory for improvement.
  • Associate with people who have equal passion for my field of interest and share knowledge with them.
  • Keep my ears on the ground for what is new and more effective realizing fully that the creativity of others can help me do my job better.
I do am thinking aloud right now about what I should do to be better at being an HR practitioner but I hope that those who read this can see that a lot of these apply to them too. I strongly believe that HR Management will go a lot further faster if all HR practitioners are in pursuit of HR practice greatness. in fact, I strongly believe that any industry will do a lot better if all practitioners pursue greatness in their fields of work.
If the determination is there, everything else will follow. If not, no intervention can be effective.
Good luck on your own pursuit of greatness!

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  1. I must say that I really commend your insights regarding HR Management and Recruitment. It was useful and led me to a conclusion that somehow, Filipinos are not that left behind when it comes to workplace culture or work culture alone.

    Its true that it is very hard to work your words into actions however if you take a step a forward and begin taking actions, you move a step closer to finishing your endeavor and reaching your goal.

    Though stressed the idea of actions before plans. I really agree on your thoughts concerning the value of knowledge and difference between an experienced and intellectual people.

    Thanks, you can learn from us too


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