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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Giving the Marginalized Workers a Chance at Success

What are the chances of a factory worker in your company becoming a manager or a highly sought after technician in the future? What are the chances of a sales clerk becoming a manager or entrepreneur someday? What are your employees' chances at success?

Having conducted a number of training to some of the most marginalized workers in the past years, I am convinced that many of them cannot and will not be able to get out of their mediocre lives without help. But what are their chances that help will come their way?

Many companies in the country hardly spend for human resource development. For those who do spend, the running joke is when the company decides to cut cost, training is among the first to go. We are just talking about programs that people need to be good at their work here. We are not yet talking about programs that they can use to get ahead a bit in life.

In my career, I've come across companies that should be emulated in the way they give back to their employees by preparing them for bigger responsibilities or helping them acquire new skills.

One retail company created a career path from store clerks to various levels of management. They put in place clear criteria for career growth, provide training give fair assessment of employees who show potential and eagerness to move up in the company. As a result people see that they can build a career in the company and do their best to qualify for higher positions. This was a number of years ago, I hope that contractualization did not change them.

Another is a textile company in Bulacan. I learned from the training manager that they offer computer skills and a host of other programs to their employees to make them more competitive and get better chances of employment should they get out of the company. Another company provides training on entrepreneurship and personal financial management to help their employees develop their business sense and save for the future.

These companies give hope to their employees, they give me hope as well. But they are a minority. Many of the big factories and retail establishments do not offer the same kind of hope to their employees.

I hope that companies realize that they have a moral responsibility to help their employees succeed in life in the same way that the employees make it possible for them to earn big income enjoy the kind of lifestyles that their employees can only dream of. I believe that we in HR practice can help organizations realize this. Sell the idea of putting up a career development plan, continuing education programs and livelihood programs. This is the best way to pay back our front-liners for their dedication to work.


  1. kashian5:00 PM

    values of decision makers in companies are crucial. i think influencing them whould be the first vital step

  2. You are absolute correct Kashian, this is where our selling skills can come in really handy!

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