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Sunday, November 26, 2006


This is not off-topic. If you are a Filipino HR Manager or a Leader of your organization please patiently read this…

I congratulate the Philippine Society for Training and Development for putting together an excellent convention this year that culminated last November 24. Their choice of theme “Know more, Be more and Do more” is great and made even greater by the choice of learning sessions. I am particularly lucky to attend one session that I am sure will change my life forever. I am writing this article in the hope that I can spread the fire and help change your life too.

It was a last minute decision. My choice of learning sessions to attend were strategic, they all have something to do with how I can improve as a trainer and HR practitioner. During the last day of the three-day event, all of the concurrent session have something to do with doing more for the country and other people except one which focuses on competency assessment. If I am to follow my personal agenda, that would be the natural choice for me. But thanks to a friend who said she is attending the session lead by Atty. Alexander Lacson (remember the name) entitled “Small Acts of Heroism for the Country” a pinch of conscience hit me so I made that last minute decision. I rejoice that I made that decision.

I fought to hold back my tears. The macho in me couldn’t afford to have others see the welling of emotion about the words spoken softly but passionately by the Atty. Lacson. I secretly wiped my tears. I cried not because of the dimness of the pictures being painted by the speaker but because of the huge amount of hope he was presenting in turning our beloved Philippines around. I also cried because I did not even lift a finger to help make things better when the many of the small acts of heroism Atty. Lacson talked about are easily doable. I left the session full of resolve to follow his advice and spread the fire that started with a single flame.

Atty. Lacson wrote a book entitled “12 Little Things Every Filipino can do to Help Our Country” which is available at National Bookstore and his office (you can e-mail him at or call his office at 840-0338 to 41) It is an easy read. I started opening the book when I rode the bus at the corner of Buendia and Taft avenues in Makati last Friday and I was done reading it by the time I got down in Regalado Hi-way, Fairview, QC. It is a tiny book with a very powerful message and that is there are little things that we can actually do to make this country great again! Isn’t that inspiring?

Here’s my message to anyone who cared to read this article. If you are an HR Manager, a Training professional, A manager of a corporation, a leader of an organization or anyone who cares for this country, I strongly recommend that you buy this book. Read it from cover to cover, after you are done reading it, copy the table of content and post it in a place where you can often see it like your refrigerator or computer desktop screen. Use it as a checklist of things that you decide to contribute to our country. If it is within your power, have a poster made and post it in your company bulletin board! Buy some more of the book and give it away to people whom you think will have enough influence in their organizations to influence the change we want to have in this country. Adopt it as your Corporate Social Responsibility or Citizenship Program. Use your influence in your organization to adopt the principles being laid out in the book. I strongly recommend that you invite Atty. Lacson to speak in your organization about becoming good citizens. He’s a great speaker. He is very effective and he can inspire people. Invite him in your Christmas party or your sales rally or your general assembly. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, what matters is that we are able to do something to have his message reach a great multitude of Filipinos in this country. If you are connected to a public transportation company, you have an even greater reason to invite him and have your drivers read his book because one of the little things in his book is about following traffic rules. If you know of some politicians, give his book as a gift this Christmas. They need it more than anyone else.

After I listened to Atty. Lacson and read his book. I resolved to apply the 12 little things in the best way I can. I can already feel some little pains of having to give up some of the things that I used to do that do not help this country. But that’s the side effect of change, some pains and discomfort. If there is no discomfort, maybe there is no change.
As leaders we can do so much to change this country for the better. Let’s use our power to influence people to make those little steps toward betterment.

I hope Atty. Lacson can sell enough of the book so that they can afford to translate it to Tagalog and other local dialects so that people who cannot appreciate English can also benefit from it. We have to find a way to get this material to the hands of every Filipino.
Spread the fire of change!!!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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  1. Penn De Los Santos4:30 PM

    Thank you for attending the 32nd National Convention of the PSTD. Your presence alone is such a big contribution to the success of the event.

    Your articles here in blogspot are a very helpful.

    Hope we could invite you to talk in one of the regular monthly learning sessions of PSTD.


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