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Monday, December 12, 2005

Coaching as an Essential Leadership Skill

Funny! Every time I conduct a training needs analysis survey using a personal rating system, people keep giving themselves high scores when they are asked about their coaching skills. The ratings are consistent and overwhelmingly high even for those who have no formal training in it that, there is always a need to validate if this is indeed true.

So, why do leaders rate themselves high in the area of coaching? It’s because they’ve always seen themselves as coaches, dealing with people and their performance on a regular basis. A lot of leaders think that when they sit down with their staffs and talk to them about their performance, they are doing the act of coaching. Well, I don’t necessarily dispute that. I guess the right question is how effective do these leaders carry out their coaching tasks? How much impact do they have in the performance of their teams and how much result do the coaching activities bring in? This spells the difference between a “driving by the seat of their pants" style of coaching and a learned approach to coaching.

Effective coaching techniques bring people’s performance to a higher level. It nurtures them to become better, and more empowered. Good coaches work with their players to ensure that their performance keeps getting better until it reaches a competitive level. Just see how sports coaches go.

The big question now is do you see the leaders in your organization as having the ability to bring out the best in their teams? Do their coaching efforts really enhance people’s performance? Do you see it happening? If you have one or two leaders in your organization who exhibit the qualities of effective coaches, consider yourself lucky. Wouldn’t it be better however if all of your leaders are good coaches are capable of bringing their team’s performance to a "fight" level?

Coaching is a process that requires a set of skills. Effective coaches use techniques in a disciplined manner. They see through their team’s performance from training, correcting and supporting performance. They are also there to help their teams solve problems. Effective coaches enhance their communication skills and develop their ability to manage their relationship with their teams. All these should form part of a coaching training program.

Bottom line is that coaching is an important skill that leaders must learn in order to become effective in their roles. It should be part of the leadership skills development program of any organization. forex

If you wish to include coaching in your company's development program and you need help, let me know. I can be reached at (63920)5044521 or you can e-mail me at

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