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Friday, September 23, 2005

Are You Harnessing your Organization’s Creativity Enough?

Whoa! Before you jump and say yes to the question, how about testing your answer first by asking your self the following questions:

  1. Are people in your organization open enough in expressing their opinions and share their ideas without fear of retribution?
  2. Are people encouraged to be creative by rewarding creativity and innovation?
  3. Are managers/leaders properly equipped to bring out creativity in their teams
  4. Is creativity and innovation nurtured through training and development?
  5. Does the organization benefit in a big and frequent way from employees creativity and innovation?

If you said NO to any of these five questions, then you might not be harnessing the creativity in your organization to the fullest. If you did say no, then you might be missing out on what the employees can possibly accomplish for the organization.

It is needless to say that breakthroughs are fueled by imagination, yes creativity and innovation. Most of those successful companies thrive because of their ability to bring in change not only in terms of their products and services but also in the way they do things.

The sad thing about this idea of creativity and innovation is that a lot of organizations do not exert enough effort to exploit its potentials to the fullest. A lot of organizations limit creativity and innovation in the organization by believing and practicing wrong assumptions like:

  • Delegating creativity to small number of people (Creative Department, Research and Development, Managers)
  • Only artistically inclined people can be creative
  • Creativity is a personal characteristics
  • The infamous, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it attitude

I read in one article that the ability of a company to create and innovate can spell the difference between life and death in today’s world of business. Almost everyday we see cell phone companies come out with new products with new and better features. Imagine what will happen if one of these companies tries to rest on their laurels and say, let’s stop creating new ones and just continue producing our best sellers?

Creativity or the ability to develop new ideas and things, and innovation or the ability to improve on existing ideas can transform your business and sustain its growth. If this is what creativity and innovation can do to your organization, why not make it a way of life? If much is to be gained from it, why not build a culture of creativity and innovation.

This may sound like a sales pitch but I tell you, the first thing I can think of about building a creative culture is to breakdown the barriers to it. People must unlearn their wrong assumptions about creativity and learn how to be creative.

In this regard I recommend that you see Optimus Innovations’ Creativity and Innovations in the Workplace Training on October 6 and 7, 2005 and find out how you can unlock barriers to creativity and innovation in your work place. I have attended this workshop and I tell you, I had a real blast!

You have my personal guarantee that you will find the learning as both fun and rewarding.

Best regards and I hope to see you there.

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