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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Four-hour, Once-a-Week Training Sessions

I’ll bet this is not an entirely brand new idea. Training ideas out there are so many, they are a dime a dozen :)

This one was borne out of a client’s request to have, as the title said for a Basic Supervisory Course that they asked me to conduct for their well, supervisors. Their schedules were so tight that all they can spare are Saturday mornings to attend the course. “Tough!” I told my self, four Saturdays for a supposedly two-day course! But you see I have always fashioned my self as a customer-intimate service provider and this one is just a way to prove it.

Ok, enough chest beating. The closer I looked at the situation, the more it made sense to do it. I redesigned the modules so that they fit the four by four hour sessions. I also came up with “home works and mini projects” that give them a chance to practice what they learn on each session. We discussed how they applied the learning and what kind of result they got out of it. The first Saturday we covered paradigm shifting from being a doer to being a leader and talked about their roles as Supervisors and as leaders. The first homework was to look for opportunities to apply what they learned in the first session and record them to be shared during the next sessions. I tell you the discussions were rich and satisfying. I told my self, there is no way you can get this kind of result facilitating the same course for two straight days! Just imagined what happened when I asked them to come up with projects to apply what they learned in planning! The result alone is worth the investment.

The exercise led me to the following conclusions: The four hour sessions and the gaps may be cumbersome for the trainer and seemingly impractical but they are not. The short sessions prevent information overload and the gaps in between provide for a chance to apply what they learn. Couple this with keeping the superiors of the participants apprised of the development and how they should support the participants with their homework and projects, and you can expect a considerably good result. Much better and satisfying than running the two-day sessions then hope that they actually learned and apply something. If you or your client company's target participants are experiencing the schedule problem that my client experiences, then this strategy might be worth trying.

I am totally convinced with the idea that I redesigned my Coaching and Mentoring, Performance Management and Problem Solving and Decision Making Course to use the same pattern. If you want to know more about how you can avail of the same program for your managers and supervisors, well, you know how to get in touch… :)

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  1. gpbengzon1:31 AM

    hello ed,

    yes this method works well, particularly because it brings a lot of the experiential elements of learning together. it is a method that we have constantly used in the bpo/call center industry but more so, it has been used by innovative educators in various elementary and high schools in the country where travel is difficult for everyday school learning.



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