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Friday, January 14, 2005

Newspaper ads, Internet, Job Fairs etc.

Hello readers! It's been ages since my last post! Things have been quite hectic for me these last few days with the holidays and all the buzz going on in Athena E-Services, the company that I serve as an HR Director. Time pass by like a blur that I sometimes don't get to do the things I enjoy like blogging!

Enough rants, and start bloggin already!

It's that time of the year when many companies are agog with their hiring requirements. It is actually a good time in the Philippines to do some headhunting and manpower pooling. It is around this time that unhappy employees leave their companies and search for a "better" company to work in. It is also around this time that schools hold job fairs to help their graduating students find job after graduation. If you are in a manpower intensive company like mine, and is constantly in search for both fresh and seasoned talents, shame on you if you don't know this!

I have quite a few experience to share about these things. Here they are:

News Paper or Internet?

Which is most cost effective? Which results to more resume? Which results to higher quality candidates? My answer is, it all depends on what kind of worker you are trying to look for. If you are looking to fill tens or hundreds of entry level position, my suggestion is to go for both. You will need volumes of resume to get the ideal people for the jobs you are trying to fill, so it would be better to you take advantage of the News papers' reach and the Internet based service provider's database.

If you are looking to hire senior executives, lawyers, or people who are likely to be not techno-savvy, then the news paper is for you... Need I say more?

If you are looking to hire programmers or the so called "knowledge workers" you'll get better quality applicants from the Internet. Of course you can also get them from the news papers but you'll be attracting so many undesirables, you'll have a hard time segregating the grain from chaffs.

Head Hunters and Staffers

My address book is filled with addresses and calling cards of these people. Many of them provide good service if you are looking to find talents just as long as you know how to find the best service provider and that you are ready to cough out a good sum. They also serve well if you just don't have enough HR manpower to do the processing.

Schools and PESO Offices

Schools are a good source of fresh talents and at this time of the year, they hold a lot of Job fairs for their graduating class. You may also ask for a list of graduates with their contact information. I have funny experiences with some of the most respected schools though when it comes to securing lists of graduates or joining job fairs. In one of the oldest in the Philippines, I once requested a list of graduates. The contact person reacted negatively when I said I will either fax or e-mail my request. They said they do not entertain faxed or e-mailed requests. The person then instructed me to either snail mail my request or deliver it personally. I just thought, if the mentality of the students resemble the ancient mentality of this school representative, I think I'll just have a rain check on that request. In one very respected state university (not UP), The School representative told us three times, we cannot fax our request because they don't have fax paper... Imagine that!!! Well, there also those schools, and there's a good number of them who don't have a consolidated list of graduates with their contact information. I'd love to tell you which schools these are but I don't think it is proper.

PESO means Public Employment Service Offices. All municipalities have these. They also hold job fairs for their constituents.I have a very pleasant experience with the PESO office of Quezon City and Marikina where my office is in the vicinity. They are very cooperative and are truly concerned about their constituents. I hope the ones within your vicinity are just as cooperative.

Referral Program

Try this one, if you are looking for a way to save and the same time give some opportunity to earn a little extra income, then you may implement a referral program where you give finder's fee to employees who are able to successfully recommend an applicant. by successfully, I mean the application has been accepted by the company.

I hope these bits and pieces of information helps you in your hiring strategies and decisions. And hey, if you have great ideas related to hiring, I'd love to hear them!

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